Perun Channels coming to Nervos CKB

Perun Network Mar 24 · 10 min read An in-depth description of the Perun project on Nervos. The Perun channel framework can be used to make transactions more scalable and to enable a plethora of use cases. The first step towards more advanced use cases like payment networks, blockchain interoperability or application channels is, however, … Read more

Loopring and Protocol: Gemini Partner to Build the Future of Gaming

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Protocol: Gemini ​​to bring their immersive Web3 games to Ethereum L2. Loopring is a secure compression machine that hyper-scales Ethereum applications reducing costs per transaction to as little as 1/100th of Layer 1. Loopring’s zkRollup and novel counterfactual NFTs, allow for gas-free NFT minting and trading while preserving … Read more

Cairo 1.0 is Here

StarkWare Jan 5 · 3 min read Or, as the ancient Egyptians would say, ‘Hieroglyphics just got a whole lot easier’ TL;DR Cairo 1.0 first release is here! Developers can start writing and testing Cairo 1.0 programs Feature parity with the older version of Cairo will be reached in the coming weeks Support for StarkNet … Read more

Arbitrum outperforms Optimism in this key area; can OP stay true to its name?

Optimism’s TVL and revenue declined, though the gas fees used on the platform increased. The velocity and network growth of Optimism plummeted. According to a tweet on 1 January, it was observed that Arbitrum managed to out-compete other L2s, such as Polygon and Optimism in terms of TVL. However, Optimism still managed to dominate the … Read more

StarkNet Token is Deployed on Ethereum

StarkWare Nov 16 · 4 min read Another Step in StarkNet Decentralization TL;DR The StarkNet Token (STRK) is now deployed on Ethereum Mainnet Beware of scams! StarkNet Tokens are not offered for sale It will take time for the Foundation to determine the mechanism for distributing its tokens Tokens held by StarkWare shareholders, employees and … Read more

Introducing: The StarkNet Foundation

StarkWare Nov 9 · 5 min read The Foundation will facilitate the building of StarkNet as a permissionless, decentralized Validity Rollup. TL;DR StarkNet Foundation is officially launched It is dedicated to supporting a thriving StarkNet Strong interdisciplinary board will lead the Foundation The Foundation is independent of StarkWare StarkNet is taking a major step towards … Read more

Raiden Community Manifesto

Raiden Network Oct 27 · 4 min read A statement of our vision and values, which will guide us as we move to community governance We envision a future in which everyday and high-volume micropayments can be made using ERC20 tokens via decentralized networks. We build technological infrastructure and a robust community that empowers others … Read more

Loopring Quarterly Update (Q3/2022)

This is the third edition of our 2022 Loopring Quarterly Updates. You can catch up on the previous quarter here; you can also receive these updates in your inbox every quarter by subscribing here. The theme of this quarter has been BUILD. No matter if the market trends are up or down, the Loopring team … Read more

Loopring DAO: Phase 2

Welcome to the next phase of the Loopring DAO, a continuation of our mission to achieve a more decentralized form of governance on Loopring L2. Our aim is to put the pieces in place for the DAO to govern various on-chain protocol parameters like the distribution of protocol fees, allocation of the DAO funds and … Read more

StarkNet Regenesis — The Plan

StarkWare Sep 29 · 5 min read TL;DR We are sharing a detailed plan for Regenesis, which has been shaped by extensive discussions with the StarkNet community. Special thanks to [email protected] Regenesis will follow the release of Cairo 1.0, making the system more secure by allowing simpler and safer StarkNet contracts Users should be prepared … Read more