ETH L2 network Optimism takes this route to remove ‘sybil attackers’

The Ethereum Layer 2 network Optimism launched a token and new governance model in April. The team is supposed to distribute the token via an entire season of airdrops. In fact, the team also saw it as a larger move toward a decentralized governance structure known as the (OP) Optimism Collective. Last year, the platform … Read more

Ethereum: Can this new trend become a cause of concern ahead of the ‘Merge’

Polygon recently commissioned a report to study the Layer 2 scaling solutions and create a framework for comparison. It uses the example of the Ethereum for studying layer-1 ecosystem challenges and throws light on ETH layer-2 scaling solutions. Notably, the Ethereum market cap increased multifold from its previous high of $125 billion to approximately $500 … Read more

Assessing how different layers are competing AND complementing Bitcoin, Ethereum

Decentralized chains predominantly need two things – Security and scalability. Those are requirements that are almost industry clichés now. But, they are also aspects that have accelerated growth in the crypto-ecosystem after the birth of the first-born cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. Owing to limitations like congestion on Layer 1 chains, Layers 2 and 3 functionalities quickly … Read more

Is Bitcoin leading the tussle among Layer 1, Layer 2 ecosystems

Due to increased adoption, general bullish sentiment in the crypto space and DeFi, transactional activity is at its highest average levels ever. Hence, the popularity of layer 2 solutions due to cheaper, faster characteristics led to the rise of projects such as Polygon. However, irrespective of L2 solutions, L1 networks of Bitcoin, Ethereum continue to … Read more