The Interoperability Landscape and Perun-X

Perun Network Sep 20 · 7 min read A few years ago, blockchain scalability seemed to be the greatest challenge in the development of the blockchain space. This is not the case anymore because many projects created their own solutions. As a consequence, many new ecosystems emerged separately and independently. The resulting silos were not … Read more

Perun Channels coming to Polkadot!

Perun Network Aug 18 · 3 min read Author: Oliver Tale-Yazdi Perun Network is developing a blockchain agnostic state channel framework in the form of a golang library: go-perun. After successfully implementing a backend for Ethereum, we are now looking at Polkadot and have received a Web3 Foundation grant for the project. We opted to … Read more

Conditional Transfers — The Key to Interoperability

A Building Block for L1-L2 Interoperability StarkWare Mar 10 · 5 min read This post will present the solution that StarkEx offers for supporting Fast Withdrawals: the ability to withdraw funds from L2 to any L1 address, in blockchain time. This solution is independent of the frequency with which validity proofs are generated by the … Read more