Instadapp User Highlight: The Blockchain Guy

Steven ‘Seb’ Jul 25 · 5 min read The Instadapp User Highlight is a highlight series where we learn how users use Instadapp today. Instadapp is DeFi super wallet enabling users to execute complex DeFi financial transactions. Photo by Joe Shields on Unsplash In our first highlight we spoke with long time community member, some … Read more

InstaDApp Integrations & Utilities.

Its been a while and we sure have some catching up to do! Sebastian Gutierrez Jun 19, 2019 · 5 min read InstaDApp is “Your Bridge to Decentralized Finance”. You can interact with a variety of decentralized protocols in one place, you can create DAI by locking Ether, you can trade with on-chain liquidity and … Read more