Here’s why a multi-CBDC bridge is being tested on Ethereum

The race to launch the first CBDC is one the world is following intently. While most have their eyes fixed on China’s digital yuan pilot, a group of countries has come together to take CBDCs a step further. Phase 3 of Project Inthanon-LionRock saw BIS Innovation Hub Hong Kong Centre, the Digital Currency Institute of the … Read more

Crypto-related stocks in Hong Kong impacted, but more HODLers for Bitcoin, Ethereum

China declaring all crypto transactions illegal sent shockwaves through Asia’s fintech market. It adversely impacted Hong Kong as well; not just crypto exchanges, but firms and stocks related to crypto were also feeling the bite. FUD impacts crypto related companies On 27 September, Huobi Tech – an affiliate of the crypto exchange Huobi Global – … Read more