White hat hacker grumbles over Arbitrum bounty reward after saving network from $475M loss

Riptide, a white hat hacker that discovered a vulnerability on Arbitrum, tweeted that his find was eligible for the max bounty reward of $2 million instead of the 400 ETH ($53,000) reward he got. No big deal just bridging a cool $470mm through the same Inbox contract ūüĎÄ Definitely should be eligible for a max … Read more

CryptoSlate Wrapped Daily: Wintermute hacked of $160M, SEC claim jurisdiction over Ethereum transactions

The biggest news in the cryptoverse for Sept 20 includes Wintermute losing $160 million to DeFi operation hack, Ethereum developer confirming that Shanghai upgrade will not unlock staked ETH, Experts arguing that SEC cannot claim jurisdiction over Ethereum transactions, MicroStrategy buys an additional 301 Bitcoin for $6 million. CryptoSlate Top Stories Wintermute reveals $160M hack … Read more

CryptoSlate Wrapped Daily: Coinbase bankrolls Tornado Cash users’ lawsuit; Terra Classic makes 1,900% comeback led by community

The biggest news in the cryptosphere for Sept. 8 includes Coinbase financing the lawsuit against the U.S. Treasury Department over Tornado Cash, Terra Classic‚Äôs community-led revival and an attack on the New Free DAO protocol. CryptoSlate Top Stories Bitcoin holds steady as ECB implements 75 bps rate hike Despite European Central Bank‚Äôs (ECB) announcement regarding … Read more

Hackers steals $400K in NFTs from Premint users via malicious link

Popular NFT platform Premint suffered a hack on July 17, leading to total losses of around $400,000 for users who clicked on a malicious link. According to available information, the hacker compromised Premint‚Äôs website by adding a malicious JS file to the site. Unsuspecting users who clicked on the link gave the hacker access to steal … Read more

Axie Infinity co-founder attempts to entice players back by saying ‚Äúnature is healing‚ÄĚ

Axie Infinity co-founder and CEO Trung Nguyen recently took to Twitter to inform the community that ‚Äúnature is healing.‚ÄĚ The fall of Axie Infinity At its peak, the Pokemon-inspired play-to-earn game was trouncing the competition. A chart posted by @WuBlockchain, from November 2021 showed Axie Infinity‚Äôs revenue was almost 3x higher than the next nearest … Read more

Deus DAO suffers another flash loan exploit, loses over $16M

Deus Finance DAO has suffered another exploit and lost $13.4 million worth of ETH to a hacker less than a month after being hacked in a similar flash loan attack for roughly $3 million. Deus DAO lost over $16 million to the two attacks Blockchain security company PeckShield first reported the exploit claiming that although … Read more

AkuDreams suffers exploit, loses $34M in proceeds forever

The much-hyped non-fungible token project AkuDreams is off to a rocky start after an exploit caused $34 million in proceeds to be locked in a smart contract forever.  The hacker behind the exploit was reportedly trying to expose the vulnerabilities in the code. The exploit resulted in over 11,500 Ethereum (ETH) becoming inaccessible to the … Read more

DeFi protocol Beanstalk loses $180M in exploit, hacker gains $80M

DeFi protocol Beanstalk Farms lost over $180 million to malicious players due to an exploit on April 17 that allowed a hacker to pass a governance proposal. The Ethereum-based stablecoin protocol‚Äôs exploit left several tokens missing and saw its U.S. dollar-pegged stablecoin drop below the $1 mark. Beanstalk suffered an exploit today. The Beanstalk Farms … Read more

US claims North Korea‚Äôs ‚ÄėLazarus Group‚Äô responsible for Axie Infinity hack

The U.S. Treasury Department has claimed that the North Korean hacker group Lazarus is responsible for the $625 million hack of the Axie Infinity Ronin bridge. The agency added an Ethereum (ETH) address containing some of the stolen cryptocurrency to its sanctions list. As of April 14, the wallet held around 148,000 ETH. THREAD: Updates to … Read more