Wormhole attacker moves $150m of stolen funds

Funds tied to last February’s Wormhole attack appear to be on the move, according to various reports that emerged on Monday, Jan. 23. An Ethereum address tied to the attack (0x629e7…) has moved more than $150 million of crypto. Funds on the move The attacker traded $157.2 million of Ethereum (ETH) for staked ETH (stETH), … Read more

Binance assists in recovering $3M from Harmony bridge hack

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Transfer spoofing evident in FTX Exploiter wallet meme tokens transfers – ZachXBT

On Nov. 20, on-chain detective ZachXBT set out a Twitter thread to debunk the three most commonly misunderstood issues surrounding the FTX case. The three areas ZachXBT set out to cover were: Bahamian officials being behind the FTX hack Exchanging knowing the identity of the hacker The FTX hacker trading meme coins. 1/ I have … Read more

FTX Exploiter swaps 50K ETH to BTC swap sparking concern for Ethereum as ETH dips 3%

On Nov. 20, the FTX Exploiter account began to start shifting the stolen funds once again — totaling 50,000 Ethereum (ETH) valued at an estimated $60 million. The FTX hacker is doing things… They sent 25k ETH to another wallet and have been actively selling into RenBTC over the last few hours. They sold another … Read more

FTX attacker continues swapping tokens; exchanges $7.95M BNB for BUSD, ETH

The attackers who drained $600 million from the now-bankrupt exchange FTX, swapped nearly 30,000 BNB tokens for Ethereum (ETH) and Binance USD (BUSD) on Nov. 17. in three transactions, data from Bscscan shows. In the first transaction, the attacker exchanged 10,000 BNB tokens, worth $2.67 million at the time, for 2001.5 ETH, valued at around … Read more

FTX hacker is now one of the largest ETH holders

The hacker who used an exploit to steal funds from the now-bankrupt FTX has emerged as the 35th-largest owner of Ethereum, with a total of 228,523 ETH worth $284.82 million. The FTX exploiter, who has been dumping all other drained assets for ETH, is now one of the largest holders in the world, with 228,523 … Read more

ZachXBT calls out Gate.io for keeping 2018 hack under wraps

Cryptocurrency exchange Gate.io allegedly covered up a hack that occurred on April 18, 2018, which saw $230 million swiped from the exchange, according to a Nov. 14 Twitter thread detailing the incident by on-chain sleuth ZachXBT. ZachXBT called out Gate.io’s founder and CEO Lin Han for advocating for blockchain asset security and claiming Gate.io has … Read more

BitKeep unveils redemption portal for victims of Swap hack

Bitkeep, a leading multi-chain crypto wallet, has unveiled a redemption website for victims of its recent exploitation. The project issued the update in an Oct. 21 blog post.  You may know that BitKeep Swap was hacked on Oct 18, 2022 and resulted in asset loss for some BitKeep users. With full compensation promised, we have … Read more

DeFiYield REKT list reveals 18% decrease in lost DeFi funds during September totaling $170M

DefiYield, the DeFi investing and yield farming platform, tracks exploited projects across the DeFi ecosystem through its REKT database. Since January 2022, it has tracked over $60 billion in lost or stolen funds across 1,195 events, including Terra Luna. Ronin, Nomad, and the Wormhole bridge. Roughly $2.4 billion has been recovered throughout the same period, … Read more

Wintermute hack replicated on simple laptop in under 48 hours by exploiting Profanity flaw

Amber Group, a blockchain technology provider, replicated the Wintermute hack in less than 48 hours using a basic laptop. A report by the Amber Group stated, “We used a Macbook M1 with 16GB RAM to precompute a dataset in less than 10 hours… We finished the implementation and were able to crack the private key … Read more