North Korean hackers behind $625 million Axie heist

The US Treasury Department has linked an Ethereum wallet to a North Korean hacking group for the theft of $625 million; here is all you need to know.  A rise in crypto-heists As the popularity and use of cryptocurrencies soar, several issues are springing up with cryptocurrency use. An example of this is the numerous … Read more

Sky Mavis raises $150 million to reimburse theft victims

Sky Mavis is the company behind Axie Infinity, and after a recent heist that saw it lose over $600 million, the company is raising funds to reimburse users Sky Mavis: An embattled Company The last few days have been some of the worse for the Sky Mavis team; a heist was targeted at this company, … Read more

Breakdown: How the hacker stole 80k ETH from the Solana Wormhole bridge

One of the worst hacks against the Solana blockchain happened on Wednesday when a hacker managed to transfer 80,000 ether (ETH), over $214 million at the moment of writing, out of the Solana system and into the Ethereum blockchain through the Wormhole bridge – a service providing the ability to transfer funds between the different … Read more

NFT thief returns 88 ETH ($368,000) after stealing from CreatureToadz

Creature Toadz NFT project suffered a theft of around $340,000 when a hacker, posing as a moderator, convinced community members to send 88 ETH to an address he controlled yesterday. However, in a surprising turn of events, he returned all of the stolen assets to the project. Hacker defrauds Creature Toadz community members of $340,000 … Read more