Roughly 48% of Ethereum NFT trades in October were fake

Global NFT sales in October clocked in at more than $850 million over roughly 3 million total transactions. I looked into NFT wash trades last month and that research got me to look at the numbers more closely. Footprint Analytics – NFT Monthly Sales The trigger points for me to say that transactions are becoming … Read more

Highly Anticipated Play to Earn Game Chosen Ones Launches NFT Collection

The world of online gaming has been quickly changing as the influence of blockchain continues to penetrate the industry. One such game is The Chosen Ones. Ever since it became possible to earn rewards that could be converted to real-world money, the gaming industry has been on track to grow its valuation massively as more … Read more

Ethereum on-chain activity cools off during macro uncertainty

Investors’ concern of the impact of the Fed monetary policy decisions over the US financial markets has been affecting crypto markets as well during the last 2 months. Particularly, we’ve seen crypto prices broadly move closer to risk-on assets such as tech stocks. Correlations between both growth/tech stocks are currently high both for Bitcoin and … Read more

Diving in: Why are 81% of Ethereum’s Beacon Chain nodes in the U.S. and Europe?

Ethereum was the first generalist blockchain to popularize Decentralize Finance (DeFI) through its use of smart contracts. In turn, they created a rich ecosystem of dApps as web interfaces to the blockchain’s smart contract, so far accounting for 3,778 dApps across 6,730 smart contracts. Such dApps have recreated virtually the entire financial system – borrowing, … Read more