Enzyme vault managers can now delegate GRT to earn rewards!

Avantgarde 🦏 Feb 27 · 6 min read We are delighted to announce that Enzyme vault managers holding The Graph Tokens ($GRT) can now delegate to one or more Indexers on The Graph to earn rewards. By delegating GRT tokens, Enzyme asset managers will receive a portion of the indexing rewards and query fees that … Read more

What Graph token’s future holds with Ethereum beside it

Over the past few months, Graph token has been maintaining a monotonous trend on the price charts. Despite local highs being made here and there, GRT has largely been trading under $1. Unlike other altcoins in the market, this token has not seen dawn post-May’s brutal crash. In fact, it has been trading at quite … Read more

What makes Filecoin, Graph viable for long-term investment, along with Ethereum

Of late, people have started looking at tokens of decentralized protocols, as viable long-term investment options. In the crypto-industry, the term decentralization is usually tossed around as an absolute. However, that isn’t exactly the case. Decentralization, can be considered a spectrum, and a few protocols such as those built on Ethereum are way more decentralized … Read more