Polygon Partners With Virtua to Build a Sustainable NFT Ecosystem

Virtua has partnered with Polygon to provide users of their NFT ecosystem with dramatically reduced fees, increased speeds, and minimal environmental impact.  An industry-leading NFT ecosystem and gaming metaverse platform, Virtua provides a space for artists, games, movies, and brands to create their own fully immersive digital experiences for fans through 3D NFTs with tangible … Read more

Transforming Carbon Markets With Senken on Polygon

Removal of unavoidable emissions using carbon credits is fundamental to a net-zero strategy. But the current system of carbon offsets is flawed, and the quality of carbon credits is suboptimal, undermining climate-positive actions globally. Senken is trying to fix this and make the voluntary carbon markets more accessible by leveraging cutting-edge blockchain solutions.  Senken is … Read more

Polygon and OCEEF Bring Deep Sea Exploration to Web3

Entertainment can help people become more aware of and responsive to the problems we face. That’s why Polygon has joined forces with the Ocean Conservation Exploration and Education Foundation (OCEEF) to advance ocean literacy by finding new and engaging ways to give people exposure to deep sea missions. The shared goal of this effort is … Read more

Polygon-Powered Coorest Earns Web3’s First Certified Carbon Standard 

Polygon-based carbon compensation project Coorest has become the first Web3 initiative to have an officially verified carbon standard. The Coorest Carbon Standard (CCS) is certified by an official UN auditor and is a new benchmark for CO2 compensation that leverages distributed ledger technology to eliminate unfair and opaque carbon offset practices. In partnership with Polygon, … Read more

Green Blockchain Summit 2.0: Agenda at a Glance 

Ethereum’s shift to Proof of Stake consensus, known as the Merge, has dramatically cut Polygon’s carbon dioxide emissions, opening the path to going beyond being carbon negative and toward empowering others to do the same. The conversation has shifted from blockchain sustainability to blockchain as a sustainability solution.  Join us for the second chapter of … Read more

Going Beyond the Green Manifesto: Our New Impact Commitment 

With Ethereum’s Merge finally upon us, we’ve been thinking about how this historic milestone will affect our sustainability efforts. Polygon’s initial commitment to become carbon neutral and eventually carbon negative was largely addressing emissions generated by our relationship with Ethereum. The Merge dramatically changes that equation. Ethereum’s transition from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake consensus, known as … Read more

What Blockchains Can Do For Environment

The rapid adoption of cryptocurrencies has come with increased scrutiny of their environmental impact. While some of the criticism is well deserved, it’s worth remembering that not only networks like Polygon can be green, the blockchain technology itself can be used to supercharge sustainability efforts. Here are some examples of Web3 applications that can make … Read more