Tracking the movement of Bitcoin, Ethereum fund flows from 2020

Over the past couple of years, institutional involvement with major assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum has been a common affair. However, it has been a difficult task to identify all sources of investments. In late 2020, Grayscale’s Bitcoin accumulation was considered the most influential institutional interest. However, it slowed down in 2021. And yet, capital … Read more

Are Institutions really favoring Ethereum over Bitcoin right now

Requisite institutional interest in major assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum is nothing new anymore. Since the latter stages of 2020, accredited investors became more and more evident with digital assets, as institutions started to diversify their portfolios. However, since the drop in May 2021, these investors have kept a low profile, without making any … Read more

Rise in institutional demand for Bitcoin, Ethereum, crypto-products, as Grayscale steps up its game

The cryptocurrency market has hooked the interest of many investors and it could see another wave of large-scale adoption making way. However, this could not just be due to the price volatility of the cryptocurrencies but also the impending decision of the regulators on various crypto products including the exchange-traded funds [ETFs]. The growing number … Read more

Is this development likely to affect Ethereum’s rally 

Just a day back, Ethereum’s price managed to climb above the $3k mark. The value of the market’s largest alt rose by 21% over the past week. At press time, its value explicitly stood at $3142.86. The recent uptick in crypto prices has brought institutional products like private investment funds back to the limelight. Institutional … Read more