Bitcoin Capital launches actively managed Bitcoin, Ether ETPs on SIX Swiss Exchange

Ever since the first cryptocurrency-backed exchange-traded products were launched in the European market in 2018, asset managers have been getting increasingly creative with the kind of exposure they provide to investors. Earlier today, Bitcoin Capital AG announced the launch of two new ETPs on the SIX Swiss Exchange, which will be pioneers in providing the … Read more

Europe welcomes 4 new crypto-ETPs tracking Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, etc.

Now that institutional investors have settled into the cryptocurrency sphere, an increasing number of sophisticated investment products are being introduced in the market for their specific needs. In the absence of a legitimate market in the U.S due to regulatory red-taping, asset managers are focusing on the European front. Especially since investors just can’t get … Read more

Survey finds, all Australia wants for Christmas this year, is crypto

As the holiday season quickly approaches, the urge to give creative and inspiring gifts grows stronger than ever. After all, there are several typical gifts people have come to expect come Christmas: mugs, socks, neckties, and gift cards for example. While it’s certainly the thought that counts, do these really excite anyone? Aussies want cryptocurrency … Read more

Ethereum: What you should know about Long-term holders’ ‘historic’ sell-off

October and November have been kind of historic for not just Ethereum, but all altcoins. However, “historic” doesn’t necessarily automatically imply a positive development. In Ethereum’s case, this particular development is the perfect example.  Ethereum marks a new ATH… Not in terms of price action though. Instead, it has to do with an ATH, one … Read more

Sweden’s FSA calls for ‘energy-intensive mining’ of crypto-assets to be ‘prohibited’

The age-old concerns regarding Bitcoin‘s environmental implications have continued to irk communities and governments across the world. In the latest pushback against Bitcoin mining, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority has requested the European Union to enact a blanket ban on cryptocurrency mining which uses the “energy-intensive” proof of work system. The statement released earlier today … Read more

How much did the Ethereum ecosystem lose to crypto-hacks in Q3

While the crypto-sector has seen exponential growth over the last few years, blockchain-related cyber crimes have also hiked. Cyber security issues and exploitation by hackers have been a major concern across the globe, and the rising frequency of it only adds fuel to the fire. A recent report compiled by Atlas VPN found that the … Read more

In Argentina, several businesses accept payments in BTC, DOGE, other cryptos

Imagine going on vacation and being able to pay both your Uber driver and Airbnb host with crypto. This sounds like a fantasy for many but is reportedly now a reality for users in Argentina. Regional news publications announced that the crypto company Bitrefill was offering 138 prepaid cards in order to pay to different businesses. … Read more

Ethereum gas price quotation system GasNow suspends operations

The Bitcoin market might be filled with optimism – and more than just a little greed – but certain components of the crypto sector are yet to shake off the effects of China’s crypto crackdown. Most recently, Sparkpool’s Ethereum GasNow website has shut down. This came soon after Sparkpool itself ceased all operations on 30 September, … Read more

Here’s what you’re missing about Ethereum leading on this front

Ethereum as the second-largest cryptocurrency has continued to surprise investors and observers alike. Looking at the asset’s price performance this month it may not look so, but there is a market other than the spot market where Ethereum killed it last month. If this works out, Ethereum might find a new section of audience. Price … Read more

Survey: South Africa prefers Bitcoin, while Malaysia, Great Britain choose Ethereum

As per the Chainalysis 2021 Geography of Cryptocurrency report, cryptocurrency adoption is growing worldwide and especially in emerging markets. Naturally, due to a range of factors, investors in different countries are also bullish on diverse cryptocurrencies. A recent survey by the crypto platform Luno took a closer look at investors in Malaysia, South Africa, and … Read more