CFTC Chair’s ‘Ether, stablecoins are commodities’ comments stir more trouble

Ether and stablecoins are commodities, according to Rostin Benham Opposing viewpoints of different market regulators in the U.S fueling discord and lack of clarity As the tug of war between U.S regulators over control of crypto-assets continues, the Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has tripled down on his position that Ether and … Read more

Blur grabs Ethereum NFTs’ biggest share, but that’s not the entire story

Blur surpassed its overall February market share in only the first seven days of March CryptoPunks traders preferred the platform despite Ethereum NFTs’ volume downturn The Blur NFT marketplace may have launched in October 2022 but its track record since proves that the platform cares less about longevity. Also functioning as an aggregator, the marketplace … Read more

Deribit hackers move stolen ETH to this service because…

Barely a week after carrying out an exploit on Deribit‘s hot wallet, the perpetrators of this hack moved a portion of the stolen funds into Tornado Cash, the Ethereum mixer service. Decoding the Deribit hack Deribit, a Netherlands-based crypto-exchange, reported the exploit on its hot wallet on 2 November. The actual hack was carried out … Read more

What does Ethereum’s Buterin think about ‘underrated’ crypto-payments

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin recently tweeted that cryptocurrency payments are superior because of censorship resistance and convenience. This change has given a significant boost to international businesses, charities, and payments within countries, he added. People continue to underrate how often cryptocurrency payments are superior not even because of censorship resistance but just because they’re so … Read more

Terra [LUNA]: Nansen’s report reveals new information on UST’s depegging fiasco

Latest report stated that the Terra crash earlier in May was not caused by a single hostile party. Rather a total of seven wallets were flagged by Nansen researchers as they studied on-chain data from Terra to Ethereum. The report also concluded that the UST de-pegging was not carried out by hackers or attackers.  The … Read more

Ethereum: What’s the reason behind ETH facing the brunt of this recent crash

Ethereum has dropped to its lowest point since July 2021 in the aftermath of the latest crypto crash. Standing at $1750 at press time, Ethereum has plunged severely recently suffering a near 25% dip in last 24 hours. Experts regard the LFG sell-off as the major factor for this debacle. The latest drawdown in the … Read more

Is the NFT hype fizzling out or is there something else at play here

Recently published report suggests a major downtrend in NFT sales. This led to calls of a worrying NFT market sentiment which are gradually being quashed after big performances recently. Nonfungible published a report talking about the NFT market performance during the Q1 of 2022. The report has raised many eyebrows after being published, indicating a depleting … Read more

New data regarding stablecoin activity says this about the market sentiment

The crypto market is facing a testing start to May. With the Feds announcement, the market has faced two major dips already with the latest being a 3.7% dip. Amidst this, there has been yet another statistic has come out that can cause a bit of worry and raise a lot of eyebrows. Stablecoins, namely … Read more

Ethereum: Despite bleak price action in ETH, here’s what derivatives data has to say

Ethereum’s progress seems to have absolutely stalled as the king of altcoins has failed to recuperate its losses from the first quarter of the year. Edging around $3k, ETH was still doing better until the end of April, right after which the altcoin lost extremely crucial support that could have helped it bounce back towards … Read more

Ethereum [ETH] has the fuel, but can it skyrocket by the end of 2022

A panel of financial experts assembled by Finder provided an updated price prediction for Ethereum. The panel suggested Ethereum to end the year on a high at around $5800. This is a major bit of news for the Ethereum community for many reasons. The Ethereum community has been in distress for many months now. This … Read more