Ethereum [ETH] attempting to sustain itself over $2k level thanks to…

ETH is back on track after recording a 4% bull run in the last 24 hours. After a difficult series of weeks, ETH developers have finally released a bit of good news. A core developer posted a tweet signaling the release of the testnet on 8 June. The Ethereum community seems to have a sigh … Read more

As ETH whales go APE shopping, here’s what you should know before doing the same

Despite APE’s recent setback and a massive price correction, dominant buyers continue to show faith in the token. What’s going on here? ApeCoin crashed from $24.86 to $16.73 following Saturday’s Otherside sale. One of the reasons could be the congestion caused on the Ethereum blockchain through the minting of Otherdeed NFTs. This resulted in some … Read more

Etheruem witnesses the ‘most sustained level of accumulation’ in 2022 but…

Ethereum has played a significant role in the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency and DeFi in general. Ethereum’s market capitalization is currently $340 billion, indicating how much the cryptocurrency grew in the last decade. That growth also incorporated ETH’s holders who played a vital role in this long journey. Nothing without you At press time, ETH’s key … Read more

The bullish case for everything from Ethereum-Solana rivalry and…

Michael Saylor, CEO at MicroStrategy, makes a tough prediction for Solana and Binance to come up against Ethereum. His comments come at a bad time for Ethereum community with their precious platform further delaying the Merge. In a recent podcast with Lex Fridman, Saylor was asked to comment on the future of crypto platforms, and … Read more

Ethereum: Despite delayed ‘Merge’, why investors haven’t lost hope in ETH

With so much going on concerning Ethereum, the “phase 0 layer” or the Beacon chain began the affair. It reformed the consensus model from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake. Launched in December 202o, it marked the beginning of a new era for the market’s second-biggest asset. ‘Beacon’ of hope The Ethereum network has … Read more

Here’s why Ethereum whales’ warm-up could be an opportunity for retail traders

An ordinary minnow or a shark going about their day might spot a pod of mysterious whales traversing the turbid depths of the crypto sea – only to conclude that it has nothing to do with them. This couldn’t be further from the truth as the actions of whales can help other investors roughly guess … Read more

Ethereum: This will give ‘more time for the Merge to stay live longer’

Christine Kim, Researcher at Galaxy Digital, recently shared a thread on Twitter updating the community on the developments on the Ethereum blockchain. During their latest meeting, Ethereum core developers, according to Kim, discussed the now-delayed Merge and the shadow forks. What’s on the agenda? Kim proceeded with the roadmap of the Ethereum blockchain. The 4th … Read more

Ethereum’s upcoming ‘Merge’ and how you can make the most out of it

When you heard that the much-anticipated Ethereum Merge was not happening in June, how did you react? Were you part of the camp that was too devastated to get out of bed? Or the one that couldn’t care less? According to one crypto researcher, the Merge is something traders should keep an eye on – especially … Read more

Tabletop roleplaying games are coming to the blockchain and this is just the beginning – Get on Board.

GRIPNR Introduces The Glimmering: The World’s Only 5e On-Chain, Play-to-Progress TTRPG Played with Collectible NFT Characters.    Tabletop roleplaying games are now coming onto the blockchain and it just makes sense. GRIPNR is working to build on the classic TTRPG model by rewarding contributors for their passion, work, and fun.   Gripnr is a Web3 technology company … Read more

Ethereum: Does Merge test behind it mean more upside for ETH ahead

Ethereum’s price, at press time, was picturing an interesting setup after its latest crash. ETH seemed to be hovering above a crucial support area, one that prevented a further increase in selling pressure by absorbing it. Therefore, interested investors can start accumulating the smart contract token at its press time levels for further gains. The … Read more