Over $5B in ETH Burned Since Ethereum London Hard Fork in August 2021

The much-hyped Ethereum London Hard Fork has gained ground in 2022, particularly with its EIP-1559 which has seen an increment in the number of coins burned since August 2021.   Sponsored Sponsored Ethereum Improvement Protocol (EIP) 1559 has been an essential part of the London Hard Fork since its launch on Aug. 4, 2021.  Sponsored Sponsored … Read more

Over One Million Ethereum Worth $4.3B Burnt Since London Upgrade

The burning mechanism that was introduced as a part of the Ethereum London upgrade in early August has now destroyed more than one million ETH. Sponsored Sponsored The London hard fork in early August introduced EIP-1559, a mechanism to burn a portion of the transaction fees. Since then, 1,008,431 ETH has been burnt at the … Read more

Ethereum Network Capacity Increases 9% Since London Upgrade

Since the Ethereum network was upgraded earlier this month, the average usage in terms of daily gas used has jumped by around 9%, and there are several reasons for this. Sponsored Sponsored Etherscan’s historical average daily gas used chart has shown a jump of around 9% since the London upgrade was deployed on Aug 5. … Read more

Ethereum Burn Rate Could Destroy $5 Billion Per Year

It has now been almost a week since the Ethereum London upgrade launched and over 20,000 ETH have been destroyed, giving analysts an estimation of a yearly burn rate. Sponsored Sponsored Ethereum’s highly anticipated London hard fork was deployed last week on Aug 5. It introduced a new fee-burning mechanism as part of a restructure … Read more

Ethereum Blockspace Demand Could See Millions of ETH Burnt in 2021

The highly anticipated Ethereum London upgrade went live on Aug 5 and is already burning millions of dollars worth of the digital asset. Sponsored Sponsored London was deployed on Aug 5 ushering in the long-awaited EIP-1559 and its upgrades to the transfer fee mechanism. Part of the base fee now gets burn as a result … Read more

Ethereum Developer Platform Tenderly Raises $15M in VC Funding

The latest crypto-related project to receive big venture capital investments is a platform for Ethereum developers called Tenderly. Sponsored Sponsored Blockchain infrastructure startup Tenderly has completed a Series A funding round that netted it $15.3 million. The round, which follows an earlier one this year for $3.3 million, was led by blockchain development company Accel. … Read more

Ethereum Developers Fixing EIP-1559 Bugs on the Road to London

Ethereum developers have been working hard to iron out any issues with code and clients on the testnets for the next major upgrade for the network. Sponsored Sponsored The latest developments in the testing phases of the upcoming Ethereum upgrade were detailed in a ‘London Testnet Retrospective’ posted by lead developer Tim Beiko on July … Read more

Ethereum Prices Near $1,559 Before London Upgrade and EIP-1559 Rollout

Many industry observers and analysts have jokingly commented about Ethereum prices dumping to $1,559 before the highly anticipated EIP-1559 upgrade is actually rolled out. Sponsored Sponsored It seems that those who predicted the big price crash may actually see it come to pass. Today’s massive market slump has wiped 9% off the price of Ethereum … Read more

Ethereum Client Developers Detail Difficulty Bomb Delays

The Ethereum London upgrade will also entail an adjustment to the “difficulty bomb” in addition to the long-awaited fee calculation shakeup. Sponsored Sponsored The Ethereum London hark fork is set to launch to mainnet on Aug 4. With it comes the highly anticipated EIP-1559 that will begin burning gas fees after changing the current auction … Read more