Ethereum initiates recovery, but sellers still await profit booking

Despite maintaining a dominant stance in a smart contract and supporting the decentralized application, Ethereum has gained several competitors eyeing for better market position. The latest market value of $154 billion remains a mountain to be breached by low-value projects.  Crypto projects are facing drastic challenges after the LUNA and FTX fiasco. Hence, trust in … Read more

Ethereum (ETH) tends to retest the support of $1075

Ethereum is considered a benchmark for the market movement after BTC to ascertain whether it’s a good time to enter into cryptocurrencies or not. The volatile price action in ETH charts showcases a complex road ahead in the prospects. While smart contacts and the use of blockchain are on the rise, the outlook and applications … Read more

Ethereum Foundation evaluates withdrawal of ETH staked

The JavaScript team of the Ethereum Foundation has officially declared that, at the present moment, they are gradually and effectively moving in the direction of making it possible and feasible to make Beacon Chain withdrawals, in the case of staked ETH. In order to capably complete the required process, they will be involving themselves in … Read more

Ethereum loses 30% this month: Has ETH crashed?

Ethereum managed to woo holders by showcasing a growing ecosystem after its shift to Proof of Stake, but in reality, this step just hindered the 100% decentralized ecosystem of ETH and made it more controllable. With higher stakers under control, the price and even hash rate for ETH can be trampled. Outlook for Ethereum can … Read more

Will Ethereum (ETH) break the long-term support of $1000?

Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency, and it has become even more popular after the merge upgrade because it runs on Proof of Stake consensus, which is energy-efficient and sustainable for the long term. Ethereum has wide use cases, so ETH as an asset will provide long-term capital appreciation. Investors are closely watching Ethereum’s price … Read more

Can Ethereum (ETH) recover before the end of this year?

FTX, the third leading crypto exchange, faced a liquidity crisis. Since then, cryptocurrencies have been in a bloodbath because many retail investors are seeking an emergency exit due to the lack of sustainability of cryptocurrencies in the long term. After the news, Binance announced taking control of FTX by acquiring the exchange. Later they stepped … Read more

Ethereum price plunges 23%: Can ETH revive this fall?

Ethereum price plunges 23%: Can ETH revive this fall? Even after the Merge upgrade, investors were optimistic for an uptrend, but the external factors such as US Fed regular rate hikes, supply chain issues, inflation, and now FTX ‘liquidity crunch’ has reduced the market cap of Ethereum, at least for the short term. Indeed, ETH … Read more

Ethereum (ETH ) rises by 20% in just a single week!

Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency, and its dominance as a leading cryptocurrency is prominent after a more than 20% increase within a week. Investors are worried about the downtrend after the Merge upgrade, but now it has taken a bullish momentum breaking the resistance from the previous consolidation phase. However, the weekly timeframe still … Read more

Ethereum (ETH) maintains its position despite facing sell-offs!

Ethereum (ETH) maintains its position despite facing sell-offs! Ethereum’s attempt to shift toward a greener validation process was made completed on September 15, 2022. ETH already has a huge network which was made possible only because of its incentive focus validation usage of Proof of Work, which rewarded miners. After reaching an expansion zone, there … Read more

Ethereum (ETH) buyers fail to overpower the sellers!

Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency in the world, which is easily accessible and can be transferred worldwide. It has a wide range of use cases, so many investors prefer ETH as a long-term asset, but after the merge upgrade, it was in a downtrend. Still, many investors are accumulating the ETH coins for the … Read more