Crypto community divided over Ethereum hard fork

Following Chandler Guo’s public vow to fork Ethereum (ETH), the call for a hard fork has grown significantly, leaving stakeholders to pitch their tent on different sides. Tron (TRX) founder Justin Sun and his crypto exchange Poloniex were one of the first supporters of the idea. OKX, Huobi hint at listing Ethereum forks Jay Hao, … Read more

Ethereum Classic up over 150% in July as ETH 2.0 draws closer

Ethereum Classic’s (ETC) value increased by over 150% in July, making it one of the top performing digital assets of the month. The asset was trading at $36.50 as of press time after shedding over 11% in the last 24 hours. Interest in the asset reached a crescendo when Ethereum (ETH) developers revealed the date … Read more

He’s the DAO hacker, doxxed in new book

There are hacks and there are hacks, some are quickly forgotten even though much money was stolen, others stay in the collective memory of the crypto space for a very long time, gaining almost mythical status. The Mt Gox and The DAO hacks are definitely of the latter kind. In a brand new book, and … Read more

ETC Cooperative to takeover funding for Ethereum protocol provider, Core-Geth

It is going to be a happy new year for the Ethereum Classic community indeed, as the ETC Cooperative recently made some positive announcements for the protocol’s upcoming year. The ETC Cooperative, which is a public charity focused on supporting the development and growth of Ethereum Classic, will be funding the development work on the … Read more

Midweek mayhem: Assessing whether Cardano, Ethereum’s collapse is surprising

As Bitcoin slipped on the charts, it took the entire cavalry along with it. From a technical standpoint, BTC can be expected to consolidate over the next couple of weeks as altcoins supposedly take charge. However, the narrative flips fast in the crypto-industry. In line with these corrections, we can take a look at Ethereum … Read more

Is there any basis to these Ethereum Classic price projections

Ethereum Classic has seen massive growth of late, with 1,127% year-to-date returns to investors. This, despite the 51% attacks not so long ago. What’s more, ETC also outperformed Ethereum [ETH] on several days in May. Now, with Ethereum moving towards Proof of Stake (PoS), the question is, could ETC become the largest Proof of Work … Read more

WAVES, Ethereum Classic, and Binance Coin: What traders can expect from these alts

During the recent rally which saw Bitcoin and Ethereum rise significantly, there were other altcoins that actually beat them in terms of growth but did not get much attention. Understanding their metric-driven data can indicate which of them is a suitable investment. Altcoins worth investing in WAVES, Ethereum Classic and Binance Coin. In the last … Read more

It makes sense to add this Altcoin, if you have Ethereum in your portfolio

Over the past few days, major altcoins have registered recoveries in the market, as selling pressure seemed to have declined. Ethereum was leading the charge, but more often than not, it is difficult to gauge which altcoins to add alongside the largest altcoin. Not all assets rise in unison, and even if a collective increase … Read more