Ethereum Gas Fees Spike to New Highs on Latest NFT Hype

There were many disgruntled Ethereum users over the weekend following a Yuga Labs nonfungible token (NFT) launch which caused gas prices to surge to new highs. Sponsored Sponsored Over the weekend, the firm behind the wildly popular Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection, Yuga Labs, launched a new land title collection called Otherdeed for its … Read more

Over $100M in Ethereum Positions Liquidated in the Past 24 Hours

Liquidations in the crypto market have shot up in the past 24 hours, as Ethereum has seen over $100 million lost by traders. The market appears on the brink of a bull run as prices have spiked in the last week. Sponsored Sponsored Liquidations in both ethereum and bitcoin have grown considerably in the past … Read more

Gas Fees: The Workaround for Ethereum’s Volatile Transaction Prices

Gas Fees: There is a workaround until Ethereum 2.0 comes into the picture, says Kurt Ivy. Sponsored Sponsored Let’s talk about gas fees, and I’m not referring to geopolitical events that lead to volatility in the price of oil and gas.  Sponsored Sponsored Ethereum, the engine of much of the Web3 and DeFi innovations, has … Read more

Over Two Million Ethereum Burned Since EIP-1559 Implementation

Network data shows that Ethereum has burnt over 2 million ETH, worth about $5.7 billion, since the introduction of EIP-1559. The burning mechanism was introduced as a part of the London hard fork in August 2021. Sponsored Sponsored Data from Watch the Burn shows that over 2 million ETH — worth about $5.7 billion — … Read more

More Major Funding for ConsenSys Proves Investors Still Hot for Ethereum

Ethereum technology solutions provider ConsenSys has announced another massive funding round proving that interest in the world’s largest smart contract network is not waning. Sponsored Sponsored On March 15, ConsenSys announced that it had closed a $450 million Series D financing round, bringing its valuation to over $7 billion. The funding round was led by … Read more

Ethereum’s drawdown may be coming to an end, but will that be enough

They say you can’t always be the most talented in the room, but you can be the most competitive. Well, the Ethereum network seems to have adopted the same narrative. It seems, in 2022, one of the biggest stories in crypto-investing is going to be blockchain players that are expected to eat into Ethereum’s market … Read more

Ethereum Developers Rebrand in Effort to Drop ‘Eth2’ Moniker

Leading Ethereum developers are not fond of the term ‘Eth2’ to describe the next stage of the network’s roadmap and are urging users and the crypto community to drop it. Sponsored Sponsored In a post on the Ethereum Foundation’s blog on Jn. 24, the Ethereum core team stated that the terms Eth1 and Eth2 were … Read more

Ethereum Client Incentive Program Launched to Help Reward Developers

In an effort to foster development and innovation for Ethereum clients, the Ethereum Foundation has launched a new rewards program. Sponsored Sponsored On Dec 13, the Ethereum Foundation announced that it was launching a Client Incentive Program. Its primary aim is to encourage more diversity in the client ecosystem. The announcement went on to state … Read more

Ethereum Exchange Balances Fall to Three-Year Low

The amount of Ethereum on crypto exchanges has dropped to a three-year low of 14 million ETH, data from Glassnode shows. Generally speaking, the market sentiment surrounding Ethereum has been positive, and a low exchange balance is another sign of that. Sponsored Sponsored Ethereum balance on exchanges has fallen to a 3-year low of approximately … Read more

Over One Million Ethereum Worth $4.3B Burnt Since London Upgrade

The burning mechanism that was introduced as a part of the Ethereum London upgrade in early August has now destroyed more than one million ETH. Sponsored Sponsored The London hard fork in early August introduced EIP-1559, a mechanism to burn a portion of the transaction fees. Since then, 1,008,431 ETH has been burnt at the … Read more