Ethereum [ETH]: How HODLers managed to remain unnerved by the crash

Ethereum seems to be running low on gas as it edges towards capitulation. Recent weeks have been nothing but a stain on the vision endorsed by Buterin and his team. The altcoin king dropped to a 14-month low over the weekend as it continues to struggle. “Far from home” The Ethereum community was perplexed after … Read more

Ethereum: Here’s the caveat to look out for as ETH 2.0’s TVL reaches new ATH

Ethereum, the largest altcoin within the crypto market possesses one of the strongest enthusiasts/holders within this domain. Despite many headwinds, these holders have maintained an undeterred narrative regarding holding their coins. Just recently, on 4 May, nearly 2.56 million ETH had left centralized exchanges since January. Can this trend continue to show amidst the growing … Read more

Etheruem witnesses the ‘most sustained level of accumulation’ in 2022 but…

Ethereum has played a significant role in the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency and DeFi in general. Ethereum’s market capitalization is currently $340 billion, indicating how much the cryptocurrency grew in the last decade. That growth also incorporated ETH’s holders who played a vital role in this long journey. Nothing without you At press time, ETH’s key … Read more