Ethereum [ETH] attempting to sustain itself over $2k level thanks to…

ETH is back on track after recording a 4% bull run in the last 24 hours. After a difficult series of weeks, ETH developers have finally released a bit of good news. A core developer posted a tweet signaling the release of the testnet on 8 June. The Ethereum community seems to have a sigh … Read more

Ethereum dev reveals date for ‘Merge’ testnet

In a significant breakthrough for Ethereum, the Ropsten public testnet is scheduled for the “Merge” next month. The “Merge” refers to merging the current Proof-of-Work (PoW) chain with the beacon chain Proof-of-Stake (PoS) system. It signals an end to PoW on Ethereum, leading to a new, more scalable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly future. According to … Read more

What these data points tell us about where Ethereum is heading

Ethereum’s network looks all set for the year 2022 and for the years to come, as per a new report released by a16zcrypto. The 2022 State of Crypto report discussed the trend lines of the crypto-industry and the development of Web3. Lying at the heart of it is Ethereum with its smart contract platforms that … Read more

ETH darlings need to know this before they open a position this bear season

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Ethereum: What to expect as ETH stages a near 10% recovery on the charts

ETH is showing strong signs of recovery after a recent meltdown of the crypto market. The parity was restored after a near 10% growth surged ETH above $2,000. Impressively, it has been able to hold this position after plunging below $1,700 in the past week. What can we expect from the flagship alt coin? Is … Read more

Ethereum: What’s the reason behind ETH facing the brunt of this recent crash

Ethereum has dropped to its lowest point since July 2021 in the aftermath of the latest crypto crash. Standing at $1750 at press time, Ethereum has plunged severely recently suffering a near 25% dip in last 24 hours. Experts regard the LFG sell-off as the major factor for this debacle. The latest drawdown in the … Read more

Ethereum: Here’s the caveat to look out for as ETH 2.0’s TVL reaches new ATH

Ethereum, the largest altcoin within the crypto market possesses one of the strongest enthusiasts/holders within this domain. Despite many headwinds, these holders have maintained an undeterred narrative regarding holding their coins. Just recently, on 4 May, nearly 2.56 million ETH had left centralized exchanges since January. Can this trend continue to show amidst the growing … Read more

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The movement of the ETH token seems to be like a rollercoaster that cannot decide if it wishes to go uphill or downhill. At press time, ETH  was trading at a price of $2,829 which was 3.5% down in the last 24 hours. And, ETH noted a 2.8% decline in the past seven days as … Read more

What 12M ETH staked in Ethereum consensus layer reveals about price

Momentum around Ethereum, the largest altcoin has significantly increased or remained bullish of late thanks to the much-anticipated ‘Merge‘. Last month, the Ethereum consensus layer deposit contract had surpassed 10 million in ETH staked. This represented roughly 8% of the entire Ethereum supply. Fast forward to April end, stakers continue to uphold their bullish sentiment. … Read more

Report: Ethereum foundation $1.6 billion fund is 80% ETH

The Ethereum Foundation has released its first financial report, which offers insights into how the non-profit organization operates.  Ethereum foundation holds approximately 0.3% of ETH total supply The report revealed that the foundation holds $1.6 billion worth of financial assets as of March 31, 2022. 80.5% of this is ETH, 0.7% other cryptocurrencies, and 18.8% … Read more