99% ETH OFAC compliance to slow block time to 3hrs but not censor

As the Office of Foreign Assets (OFAC) compliance levels continue to increase on the Ethereum blockchain, a researcher for Scroll ZKp attested to the fact that a censored transaction will still confirm faster on the ETH chain as opposed to a Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain transaction. If 99% of Ethereum validators were OFAC compliant, a censored … Read more

FTX Exploiter swaps 50K ETH to BTC swap sparking concern for Ethereum as ETH dips 3%

On Nov. 20, the FTX Exploiter account began to start shifting the stolen funds once again — totaling 50,000 Ethereum (ETH) valued at an estimated $60 million. The FTX hacker is doing things… They sent 25k ETH to another wallet and have been actively selling into RenBTC over the last few hours. They sold another … Read more

Ethereum censorship debate heats up as censored blocks hit 65% – FUD or simple fix?

The founder of Gnosis Safe, Martin Koppelmann, took to Twitter to debate the importance of reviewing the state of censorship on the Ethereum blockchain. Koppelmann stated, “there is no wide agreement that this needs to be fixed.” However, several responses debated Koppelmann’s thesis, commenting, “the amount of blocks processes by OFAC censored is misleading.” The … Read more

Op-Ed: Is Ethereum now under U.S. control? 99% of latest relay blocks are censoring the network

Following OFAC sanctions on Ethereum addresses related to Tornado Cash and other global entities, many were concerned with the precedent set by the bans. Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, called for validators to be slashed if censorship were to occur at the protocol layer. However, over the past month, there has been an increase … Read more

Buterin advocates for censorship tolerance in special cases

Ethereum (ETH) co-founder Vitalik Buterin has said solo validators should be tolerated if they censor blocks in special cases in an Oct. 17 tweet. I would say “be tolerated”. Slashing or leaking or socially coordinated anything should only be considered for massive reorging of other people’s blocks, not making wrong choices about what to put … Read more

SWIFT considered ‘neutral’ on sanctions; debate sparked on whether Ethereum is the same

The Director of Research at Coin Center Peter Van Valkenburgh raised an interesting point on Monday when he tweeted a screenshot from the SWIFT website detailing the entity’s role in sanctions enacted by “national authorities.” Comments on the tweet immediately compared the information to Ethereum’s role in processing transactions. Send tweet. pic.twitter.com/82IRrRLbDR — Peter Van … Read more

Ethereum is under attack as U.S. sanctions apply at a protocol level

The hope of a decentralized, open, free internet is in jeopardy right now. This is not hyperbole, FUD, or clickbait. Ethermine, the largest Ethereum mining pool, no longer produces blocks containing Tornado Cash transactions. This is likely due to OFAC sanctions and is an example of censorship at the protocol level. Crypto analyst, Takens Theorem, … Read more

Vitalik wants to burn the staked Ethereum of sanction complying validators

In a recent Twitter poll on Ethereum censorship, Vitalik Buterin revealed that he voted to punish validators complying with censorship requests by burning their staked tokens. Ethereum co-founder champions censorship-resistant approach The poll was held by software engineer Eric Wall, who asked the Ethereum community if they would burn the staked tokens of validators who … Read more