What Tezos needs to do to get more than just interest

Since Ethereum introduced the real-world advantages of the DeFi space, obviously, every developer would want to build their protocol on it. Alas, in a surprising turn of events, most developers are preferring some other chain for the same purpose. Ergo, is there a chance that Ethereum could be knocked off its spot? And, can these … Read more

Here’s why a multi-CBDC bridge is being tested on Ethereum

The race to launch the first CBDC is one the world is following intently. While most have their eyes fixed on China’s digital yuan pilot, a group of countries has come together to take CBDCs a step further. Phase 3 of Project Inthanon-LionRock saw BIS Innovation Hub Hong Kong Centre, the Digital Currency Institute of the … Read more

Ethereum: ‘I think it’s unlikely to live beyond….’

In light of its meteoric rise, speculation about whether Ethereum would be able to stand the test of time has persisted through the years. While many new networks have advertised themselves as “Ethereum-killers,” users have also wondered whether Ethereum itself could be the “Bitcoin-killer.” With the network readying itself for its transition to PoS and … Read more