Will Ethereum [ETH] follow Bitcoin’s [BTC] lead as the market rallies?

Analyst suggested that Ethereum could soon follow Bitcoin’s rally. NFT trades and lowering gas fees may impact network activity in the long run. Bitcoin [BTC] has been seeing quite a rally over the last few days, inspiring a lot of positive speculation around the king coin. However, it appears that Ethereum [ETH] will also soon be … Read more

Taiko Testnet is now Live on Loopring Smart Wallet

We are excited to announce that we are rolling out Multi-network support within Loopring Smart Wallet — starting with Taiko’s brand new alpha 2 testnet! Interact with the Taiko testnet from the comfort of your mobile phone — complete tasks + get rewarded with participation NFTs. With the recent announcement from Taiko about their new … Read more

Why BTC outflows persist despite renewed hopes for crypto comeback

BTC’s outflows continue to grow despite renewed hope in the crypto ecosystem. As Shanghai Upgrade draws nearer, investors shy away from Ether products. According to a new report by CoinShares digital asset investment products recorded six consecutive weeks of outflows totaling $95 million. Over the last five weeks, there has been $406 million in outflows … Read more

Introducing Loopring Wearables

Back in April 2022, we announced a new line of Loopring branded wearables that our community could take into the metaverse. In order to win the first of these wearables, a t-shirt, you needed to either have the highest trading volume or win the Lucky Draw. The 1,000 winners of the competition have been patiently … Read more

A new ‘high’ for Bitcoin and the crypto-market, but here’s why that will change…

Digital asset investment product saw the largest single weekly outflows on record last week. BTC’s outflows represented 95% of the total monies that left the market According to a new report by digital asset investment firm CoinShares, product outflows registered the largest single weekly outflows on record last week. It found that record-breaking outflows of … Read more

BTC, ETH backtrack losses- Is crypto rout from U.S. bank collapses truly over

U.S. regulators offer a bailout to customers affected by SVB and Signature bank collapses. Will there be alternatives to these crypto-friendly banks and their payment systems to provide liquidity? Bitcoin and Ethereum were both up by more than 9% in the last 24 hours retracing their weekend losses and propping up the crypto market. The … Read more

Bitcoin [BTC]: Short products for the win as investors shy away from long positions

Investors are funnelling funds into Short-BTC products after fourth consecutive week of outflows With the Shanghai Upgrade coming soon, investors will be cautious with ETH In a new report, digital asset investment firm CoinShares found that ongoing apprehension among investors regarding the uncertain regulatory landscape of crypto-assets led to a fourth consecutive week of outflows … Read more

BTC and ETH see declining whale interest, is another bear cycle imminent? 

Bitcoin’s total number of whales reached a three-year low at press time. However, several on-chain metrics favored the bulls and suggested an uptrend.  Santiment’s analyst, in a 3 March YouTube stream, pointed out the dwindling interest of the whales in Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH]. As BTC’s price increased a few days ago, whales continued … Read more

Assessing the impact of Silvergate episode on the crypto market 

Global crypto market capitalization declined by over 4% in the last 24 hours. Though BTC and ETH were affected, a few metrics predicted a trend reversal.  Coinbase on 2 March announced that it had frozen accepting or initiating payments to or from Silvergate. This episode happened as Silvergate, one of the most influential banks in … Read more

Assessing Bitcoin, Ethereum derivative side with changing market dynamics

Bitcoin and ETH derivatives register healthy recovery alongside spot demand. However, demand is still relatively low as traders proceed cautiously. The crypto market’s performance on a YTD basis has been different from the bearish performance last year. We have seen strong demand recovery, especially from the spot market. A recent analysis revealed how Bitcoin and … Read more