White hat hacker grumbles over Arbitrum bounty reward after saving network from $475M loss

Riptide, a white hat hacker that discovered a vulnerability on Arbitrum, tweeted that his find was eligible for the max bounty reward of $2 million instead of the 400 ETH ($53,000) reward he got. No big deal just bridging a cool $470mm through the same Inbox contract 👀 Definitely should be eligible for a max … Read more

Are Arbitrum+Optimism stats pointing at beginning of L2 season

Ethereum Layer 2 solutions have witnessed a massive gain in traction and utility in 2021-22. TVL across L2 platforms went up by 130% (in ETH terms) since the beginning of this year. But two main platforms stood at the very front of this L2 leg race- Arbitrum and Optimism. However, there might be a concern … Read more

Messari report alleges Optimism growth is inorganic

Blockchain analytics firm Messari released a report alleging that the growth of Ethereum Layer2 network Optimism (OP) is inorganic, There is evidence that @OptimismFND‘s growth is inorganic. Optimism’s transacting addresses grew sharply from ecosystem incentives but fell off in recent weeks. @Arbitrum has managed consistent active user metrics without offering any incentives for network usage. … Read more

It’s time for a new dawn, Nova is open to the public!

Offchain Labs Aug 9 · 5 min read Tl;dr — Nova is now open to the public! Reddit is launching their community points system on Nova. Bridge to Nova here! Learn more about Nova! Get started Building on Nova here! Arbinauts assemble! The gates of Arbitrum Nova are now open! Yes, you read that correctly … Read more

Prepare Your Engines, Nitro is Imminent

Offchain Labs Aug 4 · 3 min read tl;dr — Arbitrum One is migrating to Nitro on August 31st! Prep and test your contracts now! Refer to the migration notes, and stay up to date via our Twitter and Discord. One week ago we carried out our migration of the Arbitrum Rinkeby testnet to Nitro. … Read more

New Görli testnet and getting Rinkeby ready for Nitro

Offchain Labs Jul 15 · 5 min read tl;dr — Our new Görli testnet for Arbitrum Rollup is now live, and we’ll be migrating our Rinkeby testnet to Nitro this month. Take time to make preparations, and get ready for Nitro! View the Nitro Migration notes here. See the new testnet info in our docs! … Read more

Understanding Arbitrum: 2-Dimensional Fees

Daniel Goldman Jun 30 · 3 min read During last week’s Arbitrum Odyssey, Arbitrum One experienced record levels of traffic. Some discerning users noticed something curious: as the price of L2 gas increased, the amount of L2 gas that a given transaction would use would actually decrease. This, it turns out, is the system working … Read more

ETH L2 network Optimism takes this route to remove ‘sybil attackers’

The Ethereum Layer 2 network Optimism launched a token and new governance model in April. The team is supposed to distribute the token via an entire season of airdrops. In fact, the team also saw it as a larger move toward a decentralized governance structure known as the (OP) Optimism Collective. Last year, the platform … Read more

Ethereum rollups promised lower fees and faster speeds, but instead we got…

Ethereum’s rollups were pitched as airlines and super highways to make transactions faster within the ecosystem and solve congestion problems. However, reality hasn’t quite panned out the way many rollup enthusiasts predicted it would. I want to speak to your manager! A Huobi Research report by Barry Jiang looked at some problems with rollups that … Read more

Up by 12.7% – Assessing why this L2 network’s on-chain activity shot up

The world’s largest altcoin, Ethereum, despite its sheer dominance, has faced a lot of criticism given its limited transactions per second (TPS). This has often contributed to a massive surge in gas prices thanks to network congestion. And, this is exactly where Layer 2 (L2) solutions enter the picture. Standing out On-chain activity for leading … Read more