Ethereum, Dogecoin, Aave Price Analysis: 23 January

Considering the situation across traditional markets and global macroeconomic factors, the crypto-market has seen a crash over the past two days. As a result, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and AAVE dove to poke their multi-month/yearly lows on 22 January. Now, these cryptos need to reclaim their lost support levels on increased volumes to make way for a … Read more

Ethereum enters the weekend on a wave of relentless selling

In a previous article, it was pointed out that Ethereum was struggling to wade out of the $3300 area. There appeared to be no buyers in sight and bidders have been overwhelmed once the price fell below $3287 and almost retested the same level as resistance. Ethereum’s movement on the chart would depend on Bitcoin, … Read more

Solana gains momentum as NFT sales volume hits $1B, should Ethereum be worried

Solana has been a cryptocurrency blockbuster this year, and even 2021. However its token (SOL) went into free fall, following technical difficulties in its network. But did that hinder its growth? Well, not really. In fact, it gained more support- just recently JP Morgan, one of the largest banks in the world gave a vote of … Read more

CoinMarketCap finally reaches out to SHIB devs to fix ‘wormhole’ contract issues

It’s been quite the drama for a certain cryptocurrency over the past couple of days – Shiba Inu (SHIB) – with its vocal community part of an intense commotion on Twitter. In fact, SHIB’s community was in an online spat with CoinMarketCap and, it didn’t hold back. As one may know, SHIB incorporates only the … Read more

Ethereum, Shiba Inu, Terra Price Analysis: 18 January

While the bulls still could not alter the broader outlook, the global crypto market cap kept slackening. Consequently, Ethereum and Shiba Inu’s RSI saw confirmed double-top after a sharp plunge below their supports. However, Ethereum’s CMF bullishly diverged with its price. Shiba Inu also saw an oversold position, but its OBV seemed hopeful for the … Read more

Corrections, yes, but here’s why Ethereum’s fundamental growth is still strong

Ethereum, the world’s largest altcoin, has one of the most promising ecosystems within the crypto-universe. on the contrary, many would disagree by looking at Ether’s bleeding price status. At the time of writing, for instance, it was trading far below its last all-time high. In fact, it was trading just shy of the $3.2K mark … Read more

Polygon introduces EIP-1559 to have a deflationary effect on MATIC

The Ethereum upgrade that introduced a partial network fee burning mechanism in August last year is currently making headlines again. Ethereum sidechain network Polygon is in the news today after it incorporated the same update (EIP-1559) within its ecosystem. The ‘deflationary’ club  Folks, #EIP1559 is a few hours away from going live on the #Polygon … Read more

Ethereum’s network revenue surged 1,777% in 2021 as average gas fee reached $26

The previous year was undoubtedly one of major breakthroughs for the Ethereum network. Well, not just in terms of development activity but also its adoption as the industry’s top smart contracts platform. This growth can especially be attributed to the large-scale emergence of both DeFi and NFT sectors. This together amounted to billions of dollars … Read more

Ethereum, Dogecoin, VeChain Price Analysis: 17 January

While the ‘Extreme fear‘ sentiment refuses to flip, Dogecoin retraced nearly half of its previous rally and breached its bullish trendline support in the near term. Ethereum and VeChain flashed a low volatility phase as they moved sideways after their patterned breakouts. Their near-term technicals preferred the bears. Ether (ETH) Source: TradingView, ETH/USD The bearish … Read more

BoA: Solana is primed to beat Ethereum and be the ‘Visa of digital asset ecosystem’

The Solana network’s shot in the spotlight might just be far from over as yet, especially now that the Bank of America has expressed future optimism for the top smart contract platform, even analogizing it as the “Visa of the digital asset ecosystem” after it managed to facilitate a large number of transactions over the … Read more