The three types of attacks Ethereum could face in its proof-of-stake avatar

Ethereum (ETH) rose by over 9% to reach a new high on Friday. This was days after the network underwent the Altair upgrade successfully. ETH, the native token of the second-largest blockchain by market cap, blasted to $4,415, ergo, crossing its previous ATH. Needless to say, different analysts have portrayed various bullish sentiments concerning this … Read more

Ethereum’s 2022 priorities include transfer of PoS, sharding and merging, and…

Around the time the Ethereum community was preparing for the Altair upgrade, Vitalik Buterin was giving a speech at the Wanxiang Blockchain Summit. Buterin also took part in a panel discussion, revealing some insights into Ethereum’s roadmap. From 2021 to 2022 Coming to Ethereum’s most notable achievements in 2021, Buterin was quick to specify the … Read more

Ethereum: Ahead of the Altair update, here’s where the nodes are

These are good times for Ethereum, with the altcoin recording a market cap of over $500 billion for the first time this month. In fact, ETH breached its resistance levels on the charts very recently, hitting a new ATH of $4,361 in the process. Is there any way to explain this hike? Well, there were … Read more

As Altair upgrade nears, looking into Ethereum outperforming Bitcoin ‘at some point’

Ethereum’s transition to proof of stake (PoS) with new protocol upgrades is being implemented to support a seamless transition. Ahead of next week’s Altair Beacon Chain upgrade, ether’s price crested to a new all-time high of $4,361 on 21 October but then it gradually pulled back. However, the pertinent question is – can this more … Read more

Ethereum clients run merge event to prepare for PoS transition

A photo of one Twitter user’s computer screen as the system executed a convoluted process provoked both excitement and confusion recently.  Merge event, day 1: @ethnimbus and @nethermindeth does #themerge transition! — Jacek Sieka (@jcksie) October 3, 2021 As it turns out, in doing so, Jacek Sieka announced that Ethereum clients Nimbus and Nethermind … Read more