Algorand is getting a bridge to Ethereum

The Algorand Foundation has awarded Applied Blockchain a grant to develop the London Bridge, a trustless bridge that will connect Algorand with Ethereum. In a press release shared with CryptoSlate, the Foundation said that the bridge will also enable Algorand’s integration with other blockchain networks and provide a significant influx of liquidity to the growing … Read more

Solana, Polkadot, Algorand: What is the Bitcoin effect on these altcoins

With the market trading in red today pretty much all coins including Bitcoin and Ethereum are falling. However, there are some coins that made excellent gains in the last 2 months which are now facing huge price falls as well. Which alts though? Solana, Polkadot, and Algorand were three altcoins that successfully rallied between July … Read more

This makes Algorand worth taking note of but…

Algorand a seemingly lesser-known cryptocurrency has been raging for the past few days as the blockchain is looking to compete with the king of DeFi blockchain, Ethereum. Its token ALGO has been making substantial gains in the midst of a smart contract-battle with Ethereum, and Cardano. But it looks like this new development could push … Read more