Claim Your Share of 50 Million OGV by Providing Liquidity to OUSD

OUSD liquidity providers get 50 million OGV We recently announced an ambitious plan to grow OUSD through a liquidity mining campaign leading up to the airdrop of Origin Dollar Governance (OGV). In addition to OGN holders being eligible to claim OGV on a 1:1 basis, we’re allocating 50 million OGV tokens — nearly 5% of … Read more

Ethereum-based protocol token, ENS records high gains post airdrop but…

In the crypto-verse early adopters are often rewarded with hefty returns. A similar gala moment was recently witnessed when the Ethereum Name Service protocol, which issues NFTs that can represent Ethereum addresses as well as web domains, distributed an airdrop for its new ENS token. Airdrops are a token distribution method that awards a portion … Read more

Phisher Watch: Airdrop Scams

Dan Finlay Sep 26 · 4 min read As cryptocurrency has grown, its users have become an increasingly hot target for phishers. Each time we make one type of phishing harder, the phishers come up with new techniques, and so it’s in everyone’s best interest to stay aware of the latest scams, and consider how … Read more