Should NFT geeks care about Bored Ape’s Ethereum-based token launch

Since the beginning of the year, NFTs have been soaring in terms of both price and popularity. People from the space have been diverting a significant amount of capital into quirky digital images that encapsulate punks, apes, rocks, and even plain text. Looking at how things have panned out, it doesn’t seem like the mania … Read more

A primer to the ‘LOOT’ effect on Ethereum’s network you didn’t know about

People from the crypto-space have been pouring millions of dollars into pixelated images, alluring apes, and static rocks. The latest project to get significant traction of late, however, has managed to go one step further. ‘Loot’ offers images that encapsulate plain text on a black background as NFTs. The aforementioned Ethereum-based project has already bagged … Read more