Ethereum whales buying Shiba Inu can pull the cart only so far, unless….

For Shiba Inu, the market’s second-largest meme-coin, the last 50-days have been quite rough. The alt lost over 60% price. In the last 24-hours, the asset saw the lowest price since 23 October as it traded at $0.00002824 in the late hours of December 20.  However, with Bitcoin making a move above $48K, Shiba’s price … Read more

Ethereum: A quick recovery from these lower levels is possible because…

Ethereum, after emerging as the market’s top-performing asset over the last month, has once again tested its price levels under $4000. As Bitcoin slipped under $46k on 20 December, ETH too dropped by almost 5% and traded close to $3,817, at press time.  Over the last couple of days, however, Ethereum seemed to be recovering … Read more

Can Ethereum-based protocol, Aragon sustain over 70% gains in the long run

While the larger market seemed to embark on the recovery path with Bitcoin above the $48.5K mark, some altcoins and their double-digit gains over the past week still kept traders on their toes. One such altcoin that saw a massive surge in price and social attention was Aragon’s ANT token.  Aragon, an Ethereum network-based protocol … Read more

After a choppy price action, is there hope for Ethereum on the road ahead

After outperforming Bitcoin and most assets in November, Ethereum seems to have taken the southbound road. The top altcoin even after the recent selloffs maintained above the crucial $3955 level. However, it lost over 10% in the last four days as Ethereum traded at $3,780.60 at the time of writing.  While the larger market didn’t … Read more

Will December see Ethereum outperform Bitcoin again

The past year has proven more bullish for the top altcoin Ethereum, than for Bitcoin. Ethereum registered a rally of 535% over the year while Bitcoin recorded yearly gains of just over 60%, at press time. Furthermore, the same has also fueled Ethereum flippening Bitcoin and outperforming BTC narratives.  When the rise in the ETH/BTC … Read more

With the highest daily gains in the market, is Revain really a good investment

With Bitcoin still under $50,000 and Ethereum slipping below $4000, the larger market yet again struck bearish tones. Most of the top altcoins seemed to follow the top coin and the larger market’s stagnant trajectory left few altcoins for traders to look at. At this point, market participants seemed to turn their eyes towards mid-cap … Read more

Ethereum outperforming Bitcoin means this for the rest of the market

The onset of December saw both top coins’ trajectories pick up pace, after a rather laid-back November. Bitcoin saw over 4% gains while Ethereum shot up by over 10% over the last two days taking the market by surprise. This, however, wasn’t the first time Ethereum outperformed BTC and other major alts.  Ethereum outperforms  The … Read more

Bitcoin, Ethereum aren’t as volatile now, so what’s the panic about

The anticipation of a mooning November has subsided over the past week or so. Consider this – Bitcoin’s price maintained its range-bound momentum and Ethereum seemed to follow the king coin’s move. Bitcoin, at press time, was trading close to $56k while Ethereum slipped under the $4300-mark.  Apart from the waning euphoria, the short-term market … Read more

Ethereum could perform better than Bitcoin, but here’s the catch…

After the price fall of 16 November, the top assets’ price trajectories have baffled the market, and not in a pleasant way for sure. Bitcoin dropped by almost 13% while Ethereum saw an over 15% price fall as bearish sentiment took over the market.  Nonetheless, over the last couple of days, there seems to be … Read more

What’s contributing to Ethereum’s short-term price action, is it tied to Bitcoin

As Bitcoin took a dip under the $61K zone, Ethereum too couldn’t hold its ground strong for long. On the daily time frame, ETH traded at $4,177, noting an 11.54% daily price fall and 13.10% price loss on the weekly.  So, soon after Ethereum saw its highest weekly closing price of $4643 (vs USD on … Read more