Can Ethereum (ETH) recover before the end of this year?

FTX, the third leading crypto exchange, faced a liquidity crisis. Since then, cryptocurrencies have been in a bloodbath because many retail investors are seeking an emergency exit due to the lack of sustainability of cryptocurrencies in the long term. After the news, Binance announced taking control of FTX by acquiring the exchange. Later they stepped … Read more

Ethereum (ETH ) rises by 20% in just a single week!

Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency, and its dominance as a leading cryptocurrency is prominent after a more than 20% increase within a week. Investors are worried about the downtrend after the Merge upgrade, but now it has taken a bullish momentum breaking the resistance from the previous consolidation phase. However, the weekly timeframe still … Read more

Ethereum Price Prediction: Investors Waiting for ETH to Cross $1400

Many investors speculated Ethereum would hit $2000 after the upgrade, but the recent ETH price movement suggests it will continue the downward momentum for the next few months. The latest CPI report and FED interest rate hike influence the price of cryptocurrencies. Indeed, the Merge upgrade makes Ethereum more energy efficient, but it does not … Read more

Ethereum Attempts to Breach the 100 EMA; Can ETH Succeed?

Ethereum has now become profit and gains. Despite the ups and downs, the ETH price has returned to its previous peaks. This time it has gained tremendous price action from its June 2022 dip value of $883. The market capitalization of ETH has reached $204,925,177,350 and showcases a strong potential to continue moving upwards. The … Read more

Ethereum Prepares for a Price Rally; Can ETH Hit $3500 Soon?

Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency, is way closer to becoming the top cryptocurrency. ETH is barely 50% away from overthrowing Bitcoin’s market-dominant position. ETH is more likely to challenge its all-time high level than succumb to further profit booking at the latest traded value. Ideally, the price trend would require a boost, and increasing crypto dependency … Read more

Ethereum Is Consolidating and Following the Trend of Bitcoin

Ethereum is a decentralized financial system for deploying applications securely. It is also a cryptocurrency platform. Users can sign up and use the Ethereum account for transactions. It uses Merkle trees to improve scalability and secure blockchains.  ETH is the cryptocurrency of Ethereum, and many people compare this with Bitcoin. BTC and ETH are the … Read more

Ethereum Holds Potential to Hit $5K Despite Slight Decline

Ethereum is not something one should ignore straight away. Be it the battle of smart contracts or mining-based cryptocurrency, the returns offered by ETH far exceed other cryptocurrencies. ETH now eyes the golden number of $5000, which will be its first step towards $10,000. Despite maintaining its second position in terms of market capitalization, it … Read more

Ethereum (ETH) Gets One Step Closer to Accept Proof of Stake

Ethereum has managed to shake the blockchain tree for far longer times than any other cryptocurrency. However, the proceedings and news regarding bitcoin have never been about the development of this blockchain. Instead, it has been about human steps of using BTC on a broader scale.  Ethereum is entirely the opposite of the BTC movement … Read more

Ethereum, Too Starts Following the Bitcoin Way of Moving Up!

On a usual day, there seems to be no competition between Ethereum that works on smart contracts, and planning its shift from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake is the closest competitor to Bitcoin’s market-dominating stance carried over for an entire decade. Wondering how? Well, the real value of Bitcoin is only the first … Read more

Ethereum Shows Its Strength; Just 10% Short of Its All-Time High!

Loading… Ethereum has displayed an intense price action with substantial momentum gains. While it seemed like ETH would succumb to the selling pressure on October 06, it managed to climb back up to the $3550 levels despite the negative sentiment. However, since this resistance zone has emerged very recently, it should not be a difficult … Read more