Open Sourcing Cairo 1.0!

StarkWare Nov 24 · 5 min read TL;DR Cairo 1.0 is open source! This is only the first step towards open-sourcing the StarkNet stack. We now present a first look into the Cairo 1.0 compiler. You can now start experimenting with basic Cairo 1.0 code Cairo 1.0 at its core is very similar to Rust … Read more

Rollup, Validium, Volition — Where is Your Data Stored?

StarkWare Nov 21 · 5 min read TL;DR StarkWare offers a range of Data Availability (DA) modes for customers to choose from, according to their priority There are three approaches to Data Availability for STARK proofs, all of them are already available in production: — Rollup: the ledger is published directly on the blockchain — … Read more

StarkNet Token is Deployed on Ethereum

StarkWare Nov 16 · 4 min read Another Step in StarkNet Decentralization TL;DR The StarkNet Token (STRK) is now deployed on Ethereum Mainnet Beware of scams! StarkNet Tokens are not offered for sale It will take time for the Foundation to determine the mechanism for distributing its tokens Tokens held by StarkWare shareholders, employees and … Read more

Introducing: The StarkNet Foundation

StarkWare Nov 9 · 5 min read The Foundation will facilitate the building of StarkNet as a permissionless, decentralized Validity Rollup. TL;DR StarkNet Foundation is officially launched It is dedicated to supporting a thriving StarkNet Strong interdisciplinary board will lead the Foundation The Foundation is independent of StarkWare StarkNet is taking a major step towards … Read more

StarkNet Regenesis — The Plan

StarkWare Sep 29 · 5 min read TL;DR We are sharing a detailed plan for Regenesis, which has been shaped by extensive discussions with the StarkNet community. Special thanks to [email protected] Regenesis will follow the release of Cairo 1.0, making the system more secure by allowing simpler and safer StarkNet contracts Users should be prepared … Read more

Cairo 1.0

StarkWare Sep 12 · 5 min read TL;DR Cairo 1.0 is the first major release following the introduction of Cairo two years ago Cairo 1.0 will give developers a safer, simpler, more usable programming language At the heart of Cairo 1.0 will be Sierra, an intermediary representation layer that promises greater long term stability for … Read more

StarkNet Alpha 0.10.0

StarkWare Sep 5 · 3 min read StarkNet Alpha 0.10.0 released to Goerli! TL;DR Account Abstraction Improvements in spirit of EIP-4337 Validate — Execute separation Transaction uniqueness is now ensured in the protocol (Nonce) The fee mechanism is extended to include: L1→L2 Messages Declare Transactions Few Cairo syntax changes Intro We are excited to present … Read more

Recursive STARKs

StarkWare Aug 11 · 9 min read The very first recursive proofs of general computation, now live on Ethereum Mainnet TL;DR Recursive Proving is live on Mainnet, scaling StarkEx apps as well as StarkNet with a single proof It boosts scale, and delivers benefit in cost, and latency (a rare and exciting occurrence of scale … Read more

Part 3: StarkNet Token Design

StarkWare Jul 13 · 5 min read In this post we dive deeper into the design of the StarkNet Token, its minting schedule and expected timeline. Considerations The design of the StarkNet Token is shaped by the need to power a network that is composed of (i) Users of StarkNet, (ii) Operators — people providing … Read more

Part 2: A Decentralization and Governance Proposal for StarkNet

StarkWare Jul 13 · 5 min read Our previous post explained what StarkNet is, how it is progressively being decentralized, and provided a summary of its two decentralization mechanisms. This post discusses the StarkNet decentralization process, the role of the StarkNet Foundation, and the need for a new native token for StarkNet. Finally, it discusses … Read more