If Ethereum Foundation is accurately timing the market, here’s what it means

‘Buy the dips and sell the rally,’ would be any seasoned trader’s piece of advice for timing the market. But, this timing can seldom be accurate in real-time. But, interestingly, a recent observation by trader Edward Morra seems to suggest that Ethereum’s all-time highs are matching with the sell-offs by Ethereum Foundation. $ETHFriendly reminder that … Read more

Analyst bets on Solana, calls Ethereum ‘overly complicated, expensive, and awkward’

Just like the bloodbath seen across the rest of the crypto-market, Ethereum has also lost over 17% of its value in a week. At the time of writing, the coin was hovering close to the $3,165-level. Meanwhile, analyst Peter Brandt indicated in a tweet that ETH appeared to be in a bear trend as it … Read more

Here’s how Ethereum is placed against Binance Smart Chain, Terra, Solana in 2022

Economist and crypto commentator Tasha Che recently stated in a Twitter thread that things are quickly changing for layer 1 chains as the space gets competitive. She said, “The truth is whatever Ethereum wants to be in future— sharding, security layer for L2s etc. — newer chains are already delivering similar in more elegant ways…” … Read more

What the ‘new set of merge milestones,’ Kintsugi testnet means for Ethereum

Ethereum developer Tim Beiko recently announced the launch of Kintsugi Merge Testnet, calling it an opportunity for the community to experience post-merge Ethereum. Beiko stated, “Over the past few months, client teams have been working tirelessly to implement a new set of merge milestones. They are now live on a new testnet: Kintsugi.” The idea … Read more

Vitalik Buterin discusses ‘endgame’ for ETH 2.0, an Ethereum ‘open to all futures’

With a major Arrow Glacier upgrade expected in about three days, ETH 2.0 is closer than ever. At the time of writing, ETH 2.0 deposit contracts topped the staked value of 8,525,844 Ether. Arrow Glacier expected in 3 days. If you haven’t yet, upgrade your nodes ⛓👀 https://t.co/VRhXPo7dJy — Tim Beiko | timbeiko.eth 🍵 (@TimBeiko) … Read more

Celcius CEO not worried about Bitcoin, Ethereum being deemed securities

Despite regulatory uncertainty, it is no news that crypto interest has grown manifold this year. In a recent interview with Coin Stories, Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky discussed Bitcoin and the regulatory attitude towards the sector. Mashinsky, who is a self-proclaimed Bitcoin maximalist, stated, “We just crossed $3 trillion worth of market capitalization for cryptocurrencies, half … Read more

Assessing how different layers are competing AND complementing Bitcoin, Ethereum

Decentralized chains predominantly need two things – Security and scalability. Those are requirements that are almost industry clichés now. But, they are also aspects that have accelerated growth in the crypto-ecosystem after the birth of the first-born cryptocurrency – Bitcoin. Owing to limitations like congestion on Layer 1 chains, Layers 2 and 3 functionalities quickly … Read more

‘Expressiveness of Ethereum, attack surface of Bitcoin,’ does Cardano have it all

Ethereum has been at the forefront of the boom in the DeFi sector. However, the Bitcoin community believes that with innovation unlocking on the blockchain, it is turning out to be a competitor to existing players. ShapeShift’s Erik Voorhees recently replied to tweets by these Bitcoin supporters who argued in favor of its dominance in … Read more

Why comparing Ethereum, Bitcoin blockchain size is ‘not always particularly relevant’

Following a Twitter discussion on the differences in blockchain size of Bitcoin and Ethereum, BitMEX has released research touching upon those points. In response to the following tweet, Peter McLasso had also added that “Ethereum full archival node is 9TB when Bitcoin node is 412GB.” Therein, he might be referring to the archival node, as pointed … Read more

Ethereum co-founder thinks this asset is ‘where it should be’ today

Ethereum co-founder Anthony Di Iorio applauded the blockchain’s progress in a recent interview, reiterating that “it is where it should be.” “I think it’s beyond my wildest imagination of where it’s [Ethereum] gone, and that it’s become a household name for most people now. It is just been fantastic.” ETH – Is it where it should … Read more