Ethereum Faces Resistance at the 100 Ema: ETH Consolidation Awaits!

Ethereum is not just a blockchain or cryptocurrency but an essential aspect of cryptography that showcases transformation and evolution along the way of its growth. Understanding the changing dynamics, ETH has even prepared the layout to transition towards Proof of Stake to address the energy consumption issue of its current operational Proof of Work. Of … Read more

Will Ethereum Sustain Its Dominance Over New Projects like Evergrow and Firepin?

Ethereum is one of the popular cryptocurrencies, but the crypto market is down due to various reasons. The spread of the COVID variant, turmoil in Eastern Europe, supply chain issues, and inflation are the main reasons for crypto market outflows.  Recently the Terra Luna fiasco and the announcement of ‘Withdrawal Pause’ from leading service provider … Read more

The Merge Brings Proof-Of-Stake to Ropsten for a Test Run

Ethereum is set to implement The Merge upgrade on the Ropsten testnet for the first extensive test run. The Ropsten Beacon Chain, launched on May 30 to provide consensus, will be upgraded to support The Merge upgrade at slot number 24000. Moreover, users need to manually set the values of Terminal Total Difficulty to activate … Read more

Ethereum Trades Below $3000; What’s Next for ETH?

Ethereum Trades Below $3000; What’s Next for ETH? Ethereum’s rise to the second-largest cryptocurrency network has been an amazing journey. From splitting to creating its market presence within a very few years to now moving on to a new validation protocol to save on electricity and other concerns put forth by analysts, ETH has the … Read more

Ethereum Rises Marginally; Will ETH Regain Its Momentum?

Ethereum, now the reigning second-largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization, is now down by its peak to a huge margin. Its immediate support levels breaking and profit booking taking place at every upside movement indicate downtrend movement in the short time frame. ETH now carries a combined market cap of over $300 billion, but … Read more

Ethereum’s Dominance in DeFi Is ‘Far From Given,’ JPMorgan Says

Ethereum is about to step into a phase of turbulence as its dominion over decentralized financing slowly fades. Experts from JP Morgan Chase believe that the coin’s countermeasures have been timed wrongly and would arrive after the damage is already done. The crypto leviathan lands such a predicament as 2021 opened up the floodgates leading … Read more

Ethereum (ETH) is Consolidating After a Long Bullish Run!

Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Indeed it is backed by large corporations such as Microsoft, JP Morgan, and Intel. It means that ETH has a great future ahead, and it offers some unique features and applications. Ethereum is a blockchain computing platform that allows developers to build decentralized applications. The applications … Read more

Ethereum (ETH) Seems Bullish After Recent Price Decline

Loading… The crypto market capitalization reached $1.92 trillion in September, with a rise of almost 4% compared to the previous trading sessions. The volume of cryptocurrency is also rising. Ethereum (ETH) is a cryptocurrency owned by an Ethereum platform traded using the decentralized application networks called ‘dapps.’ As of May 2021, it is the second-largest … Read more

Ethereum (ETH) Comes Closer to $500 Billion Valuations!

The bull run on the Ethereum network has nothing short of surprising. It wasn’t expected that ETH would retest the $4000 levels so quickly. The fundamental potential on the Ethereum network was the only thing that helped scale smart contracts to become a commonly known term. Ethereum, at its peak value of $4033, was valued … Read more

What’s Feeding the Ethereum (ETH) Rally?

The last two months have been a boon for Ethereum investors as compared to the worrisome price action of June and July when many believed cryptos will plummet to even lower levels. Even a cryptocurrency with a huge market cap like ETH has rallied by more than 130% since July lows. Its capability to work … Read more