Here is what Bitcoin and Ether investors are doing in a post-Terra market

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Report: Ethereum still wears the NFT crown, but could Solana be next in line

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Google Trends depict falling interest in Ethereum & NFTs but here’s the caveat

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Here’s why Ethereum whales’ warm-up could be an opportunity for retail traders

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SHIB, ETH twerking as Reddit attributed buy calls look for new resistance level

After days of floundering in the red after Bitcoin fell below the $40k mark, the crypto market finally turned green once more. Naturally, many investors are wondering if now is a good time to stack some stats, collect some more diamonds, or add new dogs to their kennel. Greener on the other side? Santiment data … Read more

Ethereum: $300M in non-crypto assets and here’s why you should give an “EF”

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Ethereum’s upcoming ‘Merge’ and how you can make the most out of it

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Ethereum [ETH] sees double-digit weekly losses but it seems that whales are…

As the market saw red again, the king coin and the top alt both took a dive in order to revisit levels that some investors had assumed would never be seen again. At press time, Bitcoin had fallen below $42k. Meanwhile, Ether [ETH] was changing hands at $3,048.36 after dropping by 6.27% in the past … Read more

Grayscale slams the gavel; AVAX & DOT join the family, SNX & SUSHI cast out

Though crypto is said to be decentralized, Grayscale’s recognition of crypto assets certainly help define the trajectories of coin or token prices. However, more than just new product additions, asset removals are also key in understanding what institutional investors want – or don’t want. No gray area here In a press release, Grayscale Investments shared … Read more