Ethereum gas price quotation system GasNow suspends operations

The Bitcoin market might be filled with optimism – and more than just a little greed – but certain components of the crypto sector are yet to shake off the effects of China’s crypto crackdown. Most recently, Sparkpool’s Ethereum GasNow website has shut down. This came soon after Sparkpool itself ceased all operations on 30 September, … Read more

Binance Smart Chain joins Ethereum-Solana ‘bridge party’ on Wormhole

Cross-chain bridges have the potential not only to bring multiple blockchains to users, but also to revolutionize NFT markets and DeFi as a whole. The ETH<>SOL token bridge supported by Wormhole is one example, of how popular chains are now interacting with each other. What’s more, another network joined the club recently: the Binance Smart … Read more

Ethereum clients run merge event to prepare for PoS transition

A photo of one Twitter user’s computer screen as the system executed a convoluted process provoked both excitement and confusion recently.  Merge event, day 1: @ethnimbus and @nethermindeth does #themerge transition! — Jacek Sieka (@jcksie) October 3, 2021 As it turns out, in doing so, Jacek Sieka announced that Ethereum clients Nimbus and Nethermind … Read more

Survey: South Africa prefers Bitcoin, while Malaysia, Great Britain choose Ethereum

As per the Chainalysis 2021 Geography of Cryptocurrency report, cryptocurrency adoption is growing worldwide and especially in emerging markets. Naturally, due to a range of factors, investors in different countries are also bullish on diverse cryptocurrencies. A recent survey by the crypto platform Luno took a closer look at investors in Malaysia, South Africa, and … Read more

Core Developer says Ethereum needs to ‘look at what Bitcoin is doing’

In its time Ethereum has seen several hard forks and EIPs, the more recent ones being the London hard fork and EIP 3554. Even at the time of writing, Ether was streaming into the Ethereum 2.0 staking contract. However, the second largest blockchain and smart contracts platform is often criticized for the way it is … Read more

Here’s what these XRP holders want to do ‘because Ripple’s not going to do it’

The SEC v. Ripple Labs lawsuit is now into the final quarter of 2021, despite rumors of a settlement. In fact, at the moment, the proceedings are far from complete, with both parties raising motion after motion. Just recently, on 29 September, the SEC requested a telephone conference in order to obtain a protective order. … Read more

Here’s why a multi-CBDC bridge is being tested on Ethereum

The race to launch the first CBDC is one the world is following intently. While most have their eyes fixed on China’s digital yuan pilot, a group of countries has come together to take CBDCs a step further. Phase 3 of Project Inthanon-LionRock saw BIS Innovation Hub Hong Kong Centre, the Digital Currency Institute of the … Read more

Crypto-related stocks in Hong Kong impacted, but more HODLers for Bitcoin, Ethereum

China declaring all crypto transactions illegal sent shockwaves through Asia’s fintech market. It adversely impacted Hong Kong as well; not just crypto exchanges, but firms and stocks related to crypto were also feeling the bite. FUD impacts crypto related companies On 27 September, Huobi Tech – an affiliate of the crypto exchange Huobi Global – … Read more

Bitcoin, Ethereum whales swimming out of Huobi, with a huge catch

After China’s crackdown on crypto transactions, exchanges began to limit their services for China-based users. FUD rapidly spread and many traders began to wonder what penalties they might face for violating the latest ban. Around the same time, the normally calm weekend saw a frenzy of Bitcoin and Ethereum whales moving their coins from addresses … Read more

Medical company to accept crypto payments including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology hold the potential to change the healthcare system as we know it today. Centralized systems and regulated payment methods could soon co-exist with decentralized options. This development has already started to unfold in both New York and Israel. Todos Medical Ltd., a commercial in vitro diagnostics company, announced it was accepting cryptocurrency payments … Read more