Vitalik Buterin Suggests Stealth Addresses for Private NFT Ownership

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin proposed stealth addresses as a potential way to obscure NFT ownership. Buterin made a post saying it would be a lighter-weight solution to private NFTs compared to some alternative methods. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has suggested stealth addresses for the anonymous ownership of NFTs. Buterin made a post on Aug. 8, … Read more

Over $100M in Ethereum Positions Liquidated in the Past 24 Hours

Liquidations in the crypto market have shot up in the past 24 hours, as Ethereum has seen over $100 million lost by traders. The market appears on the brink of a bull run as prices have spiked in the last week. Sponsored Sponsored Liquidations in both ethereum and bitcoin have grown considerably in the past … Read more

Billions of Dollars in Bitcoin and Ethereum Moved Off Exchanges in the Past Two Weeks

Data shows that large amounts of Bitcoin and Ethereum have been moved out of exchanges in the past 15 days, approximately 61,000 BTC and 151,000 ETH. The transfer of funds out of exchanges indicates that investors are holding. Sponsored Sponsored The amount of bitcoin and ethereum leaving exchanges has grown significantly in the past few … Read more

Over Two Million Ethereum Burned Since EIP-1559 Implementation

Network data shows that Ethereum has burnt over 2 million ETH, worth about $5.7 billion, since the introduction of EIP-1559. The burning mechanism was introduced as a part of the London hard fork in August 2021. Sponsored Sponsored Data from Watch the Burn shows that over 2 million ETH — worth about $5.7 billion — … Read more

Ethereum ‘Merge’ Successfully Takes Place on Kiln Testnet

The Ethereum Foundation has announced that the “Merge” successfully took place on the Kiln testnet. This is the final public testnet before the transition to proof-of-stake later this year. Sponsored Sponsored Ethereum’s “Merge” has successfully taken place on the Kiln testnet, according to blockchain data on the testnet. The event took place on March 15, … Read more

Ethereum Addresses Holding Over 0.1 ETH Reaches New High

The number of Ethereum addresses holding over 0.1 ETH has reached a new all-time high, data from glassnode shows. Sponsored Sponsored Data from glassnode shows that the number of Ethereum addresses holding over 0.1 ETH has just reached a new all-time high, boding well for the network. The total number of such addresses now stands … Read more

Ethereum May Facilitate 50% of Global Financial Transactions in Next Decade: Pantera CIO

Pantera Capital’s co-Chief Investment Officer Joey Krug believes that Ethereum will play a central role in global finance in the next ten years. Krug made the comments in an interview with Bloomberg. Sponsored Sponsored The co-Chief Investment Officer of hedge fund Pantera Capital, Joey Krug, in an interview with Bloomberg, said that Ethereum would be … Read more

Ethereum Exchange Balances Fall to Three-Year Low

The amount of Ethereum on crypto exchanges has dropped to a three-year low of 14 million ETH, data from Glassnode shows. Generally speaking, the market sentiment surrounding Ethereum has been positive, and a low exchange balance is another sign of that. Sponsored Sponsored Ethereum balance on exchanges has fallen to a 3-year low of approximately … Read more

Banksy Artwork Sells for $12M in Sotheby’s First Sale Denominated in ETH

British-American auction house Sotheby’s sold two Banksy paintings for just under 3100 ETH, or approximately $12 million. The occasion was a first for the auction house, as it had sales denominated in ETH. Sponsored Sponsored The two paintings, “Love is in the Air” and “Trolley Hunters,” sold for 1696 and 1397 ETH, respectively. The auction … Read more

Bitcoin Supply on Exchanges Drops to Three-Year Low

The amount of bitcoin on exchanges is at its lowest in three years, suggesting that investors are not preparing to sell. Ethereum is also at a two-year low for balances on exchanges. Sponsored Sponsored Data from cryptocurrency market data platform Glassnode shows that the bitcoin exchange balance is at its lowest level in three years. … Read more