Polygon’s Web3: Made in India Tour Starts Rolling with 7 Guild Events & Web3 Education Programs

Polygon is excited to meet the next generation of entrepreneurs during the Web3: Made in India Tour. The young founders of India are smart, driven, and essential for the future of the web. The world is your canvas. That’s why we’re hitting the road in India, to meet you and find the next generation of … Read more

Customer Loyalty Platform Versify is Live on Polygon

Versify Labs, a blockchain-based SaaS platform for customer engagement, is now using the Polygon network to power its digital collectibles loyalty offering.  Small and medium-sized businesses can now tap into Web3’s immense potential by seamlessly creating exclusive loyalty programs at scale using digital collectibles backed by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The NFT-backed loyalty programs – similar … Read more

Polygon Avail’s Ability to Scale: The Way Forward

The Polygon Avail Testnet is now live. As users begin incorporating Avail into their chain designs, a question that often comes up is, “How many transactions can Avail process?” This is the final piece in a three-part series of articles that will address Polygon Avail’s current performance, as well as its ability to scale in … Read more

Meta to Let Users Mint and Sell Polygon-Powered NFTs on Instagram  

Instagram users will soon be able to use the site to mint, showcase and sell digital collections powered by non-fungible token (NFTs) on Polygon, giving creators a new way to engage with and monetize their fan communities. Meta, which owns Instagram, today announced it will soon test these new features with a small group of … Read more

India Takes Center Stage in Polygon’s Web3: Made in India Tour

Polygon believes that India will be the epicenter of building and adoption of new blockchain technologies, and we want to help. Introducing Polygon’s Web3: Made in India Tour, a rolling celebration of blockchain builders, culminating at the biggest Web3 festivity of all: ETHIndia! With seven Polygon Guild events and the first-ever Polygon Connect: India, we’re … Read more

Aera Taps Polygon to Bring the Power of DeFi to DAO Treasury Management

Aera, a rewards-based treasury management system for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), is coming to Polygon to let projects leverage the power of on-chain finance. For DAOs to achieve their goals, they need to adopt nimble and risk-aware approaches to treasury management and make the most of the tools made available by decentralized finance (DeFi). That’s … Read more

PolygonInsights – WEEK43

Hola readers! Nansen announced NFT support for Polygon, Axelar partnered with Polygon to deliver cross-chain communication to Polygon Supernets, and BitPay, the world’s largest provider of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment services, has announced support for Polygon and $MATIC. Let’s dive in.  Key takeaways:  The weekly NFT Volume continues to grow, reaching $3.9 Bn. Last week’s … Read more

Polygon Is Coming to Lisbon for Builders Jam & More 

Olá, Lisboa!  Polygon is touching down at the crypto capital of Europe for a fun week of hackathons, workshops and enriching experiences as part of Lisbon Blockchain Week 2022. We have prepared two amazing events — Polygon Builders House and Polygon Builders Jam — and other workshops to help the future builders of Web3 meet … Read more

BitPay Switches on MATIC Payments for Merchants

BitPay, the world’s largest provider of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment services, will begin to support Polygon’s MATIC token this week.  Users can make payments with Polygon’s native token via most popular Polygon wallets. Collectibles marketplace Panini America is among the first merchants to accept MATIC payments. Users of the BitPay app can also buy, store, … Read more

Polygon-Axelar Partnership to Expand Interoperability of Polygon Supernets

Polygon has teamed up with Axelar network, a secure communication layer that connects Web3 ecosystems, to enhance secure cross-chain communications of Polygon Supernets. Polygon Supernets technology allows for the creation of application-specific, scalable, and customizable blockchain networks. Axelar, one of our early adopters, will allow dApp users to securely transfer assets to and from Supernets … Read more