Ethereum witnesses a week of deflationary issuance; more ETH burned than mined

The Ethereum market has been more active than ever as the second-largest digital asset hit a new all-time high on 2nd November at $4,477. Ethereum has also been witnessing a streak of negative supply issuance. The Ethereum network saw a negative supply for seven days straight, meaning more ETH was burnt than what was being … Read more

CME group expands crypto derivatives offerings; to launch Micro Ether futures

Prominent derivatives marketplace, Chicago Mercantile Exchange [CME] took its interest in Ethereum seriously, as it announced that it is expanding its crypto derivatives offerings to include Micro Ether futures. According to an official statement by the derivatives provider, this series will launch on 6th December. Micro Ether futures are sized one-tenth of one Ether as … Read more

This is why Ethereum DeFi whales prefer these applications

The crypto-industry has seen various products gather steam over the past year, with non-fungible tokens [NFTs] being the rage especially. However, a recent study from DappRadar found that although the sudden popularity of NFTs took the industry by storm, there is no comparison to the value generated by decentralized finance [DeFi]. The DeFi space managed … Read more

Nervos now connected to Ethereum, but here’s what’s next

As the crypto-industry continues to expand rapidly, interoperability has emerged as an important aspect for any new or old project. Realizing the growing need for cross-chains, Nervos, a public blockchain backed by China Merchants Bank International and Sequoia China, has now announced the launch of “Force Bridge” on its mainnet. According to Nervos, the Force … Read more

Ethereum developers propose to postpone difficulty bomb until May 2022

Ethereum’s difficulty bomb is expected to usher in a new era for the digital asset. Ethereum developers Tim Beiko and James Hancock released a proposal for EIP-4345, about delaying the Ethereum Difficulty bomb until May 2022. As per the developers’ proposal, Ethereum is expected to complete the Shanghai upgrade and/or the Merge by May 2022, … Read more

As Ethereum prepares for Altair upgrade, ‘bug-bounty program’ to reward users

Ethereum has remained focused on the development of its network, irrespective of what was happening in the spot market. Just a few days back the team announced the launch of Altair upgrade, also described as the first mainnet upgrade to the Beacon Chain. The upgrade is scheduled to take place at epoch 74240 or close … Read more

‘Bitcoin maxis’ like Solana, but is there sound logic to that

Recent changes in cryptocurrency market dynamics have fueled the popularity of altcoins like Solana [SOL]. It recently became one of the most trending blockchain platforms around on the back of its surging price. The cryptocurrency, in fact, had a 1-year ROI of over 4,200%, despite dropping by 34% since its peak in early September. Despite … Read more

A sign of ‘doing things right’ – Here’s Buterin’s take on Ethereum’s EIP-1559

After the much-anticipated London hard fork, Ethereum is now well and truly on its way to “The Merge.” In fact, according to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, the network is now “at the finish line to the Merge.” Especially since there is nothing else as monumental as EIP-1559 in its way anymore. EIP-1559 is pivotal to … Read more

‘Wormhole token bridge’ to allow token transfer across Ethereum, Solana

Although its spot price was undergoing some trials and tests finding support, Solana’s popularity has reached far and wide. This latest development will only add to its growing influence, as the Wormhole network announced the launch of the “Wormhole Token Bridge,” starting with Ethereum and Solana. The Wormhole team announced, 1/ Today we’re incredibly excited … Read more

Exec issues FBI warning as SushiSwap’s MISO suffers $3M exploit

Decentralized finance [DeFi] project SushiSwap suffered an exploit on its token platform – MISO. The attack resulted in the hacker stealing 864.8 ETH, currently worth $3 million. The incident was first brought to light by Chief Technology Officer Joseph Delong who tweeted, The Miso front end has become the victim of a supply chain attack. … Read more