Ethereum: Is dollar-cost averaging a way to go until Merge comes in

The Ethereum Merge is about five weeks away and as the count down to the main event narrows, the phrase, “buy the rumor, sell the news” is expected to play out. This means we should expect an increase in the demand for ETH within the next four weeks. A look at ETH’s on-chain metrics reveals … Read more

Ethereum [ETH] and the question of whether we can expect March all over again

If you zoom out ETH’s chart, you will notice that its performance in July has similarities with its performance in March. Could this performance offer some insights into how ETH will perform in August? ETH’s latest rally kicked off in mid-July and managed to push the crypto up by as much as 74%. More importantly, … Read more

This is why Ethereum 2.0 stands to be the greatest HODL incentive for ETH investors

Ethereum [ETH] surged by more than 60% in just 10 days, and spiked from just above $1,000 to roughly $1,650. This strong uptrend highlights the strong demand for ETH and it places the next major price target at $2,000 but will it recover above this level by the end of the month? The sharp recovery … Read more

ETH’s inflection point might be around the corner, here’s how

Ethereum [ETH] is receiving more attention now that the Merge that marks the Ethereum 2.0 transition is around the corner. More specifically, investors are curious to see how the Merge will impact ETH’s demand and price action. One potential outcome for Ethereum 2.0 is a shift in favor of a strong rally as demand dynamics … Read more

Will ETH secure enough support from NFT market to strengthen its recovery

ETH on 10 May showed signs of potential bullish recovery after a heavily bearish performance, especially in the last five days. Undeniably, the market is still not off the hook with the constant highs of the FUD. To that effect, ETH was trading at $2,308, at the time of this analysis, it was further down … Read more

Does Ethereum’s [ETH] macro trend point towards more upside

ETH achieved a healthy pump during 4 May’s trading session after a 50 basis point rate hike was announced. The cryptocurrency has been trading within a falling wedge pattern for almost four weeks but it broke out of its resistance line after the announcement. ETH registered a 6.2% rally after the Federal Reserve announced a … Read more

Ethereum: What the future holds for ETH as it breaks out of a descending resistance

ETH recently entered a correction phase and has been trading within a descending wedge pattern for the last 2 days. However, it managed to break through its descending support line in the early morning hours in the 1-hour chart. Ethereum recently peaked at $3581 after a strong bull run that kicked off in mid-March, allowing … Read more