UniSync: a port of Uniswap V2 on the zkEVM

The first full application on an EVM-Compatible zkRollup! Matter Labs Oct 12 · 4 min read Since our announcement of the first version of zkSync 2.0 on testnet, the Solidity compiler has reached a robust state and we have finished the development of the Web3 API with additional L2 specific functionality. We are tremendously excited … Read more

Keeping Funds Safe: a 3-Factor Approach to Security in zkSync 2.0

Security by Isolation and Redundancy, Trust-Minimized Upgradability, and the Introduction of zkSync’s Security Council Matter Labs May 21 · 6 min read “Only the paranoid survive.” — Andy Grove, CEO of Intel As we prepare for the launch of NFTs, swaps, zkEVM, and an exponential increase in users and capital flow into zkSync, we find … Read more

A Test of zkSync 1.0’s Exodus Mode on Ropsten

Try out zkSync’s emergency exit mechanism in action. Matter Labs Apr 23 · 3 min read Yesterday, the “Exodus Mode” was triggered on our Ropsten testnet. This was unplanned, but shows that the safety mechanisms of zkSync 1.0 work as intended. Here is what happened. We are currently testing a new system to mitigate consequences … Read more

zkPorter: a breakthrough in L2 scaling

Ending the debate between ZK and optimistic rollups Matter Labs Apr 13 · 6 min read A mass migration to Layer 2 is about to take place. As protocols move from the Ethereum base layer to optimistic rollups and EVM-compatible zkRollups, many hope we’ll finally make on-chain fees manageable. But everyone working on Ethereum scaling … Read more