Is Ethereum in any position to trigger a DeFi summer right now

The DeFi’s market movement has been quite dismal over the past few weeks. Right from MKR, AAVE, and COMP to UNI, SUSHI, and YFI, almost all the top tokens from this space have been incurring losses. Amidst the larger downtrend or ‘winter’ phase going on, the aggregate value locked in DeFi slipped to $85 billion … Read more

Why Ethereum MUST stay above $4k for the next 48 hours, at least

It’s time for yet another options expiry, and the Ethereum market this time too stands divided. Given the chaotic state of the broader market, traders from both the sides of the spectrum have their own set of reasons to be biased at this point. ETH’s price has been going downhill for more than a week … Read more

How Ethereum’s ‘Merge’ will change the dynamics of liquid staking

The word staking has been doing the buzz around the crypto-space for quite some time now. Now, like most of the things associated with the crypto-space, even this can either be a complicated or a simple notion, depending on how many layers deep one decides to go. For most traders and investors, staking is a … Read more

WBTC, WETH, and the question of relevance over time

No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness. Anonymity is the new fame, they say. Nothing ignites curiosity like a pseudonymous luminary with a secret identity. It’s a blessing in disguise. More so, because it helps people feel safe and protected under its veil. History is full of examples of people who … Read more

Ethereum Name Service: The A to Z of the .eth frenzy

The crypto-verse has seen the launch of several new projects over the past few years. While a few have successfully managed to stay afloat, adapting to the changing dynamics and maintaining their relevance, the rest have merely perished with time. Skepticism associated with new technological trends is not new. For instance, NFTs were perceived as … Read more

Bitcoin’s sluggish phase a blessing in disguise, altseason led by Ethereum in the cards

Altcoins have largely been outperforming Bitcoin of late. In just the past week alone, top coins like ETH, BNB, AVAX and MATIC have fetched their investors with 10%, 16%, 17% and 22% returns respectively. Bitcoin, on the other hand, found it quite challenging to deliver 3% in the same timeframe. King versus the rest Along … Read more

ELON can spring back into action in the next few days, provided this happens

ELON and its astronomical surges have always managed to astonish people from the crypto-space. For instance, the said coin quite recently registered a massive 1200% pump, consolidated for a couple of days and then again witnessed a 440% rally. The month of November has, however, been quite dry for this coin. When compared to the … Read more

This is how traders make the most of Ethereum in the next 36 hours

All the activity carried out in the options market usually has a direct impact on the price of the underlying asset. Major events like option expiries are usually awaited,  as they end up giving the price a definitive direction. Ethereum, at this point, is standing at an indecisive juncture. Its price has been consolidating in … Read more

What Graph token’s future holds with Ethereum beside it

Over the past few months, Graph token has been maintaining a monotonous trend on the price charts. Despite local highs being made here and there, GRT has largely been trading under $1. Unlike other altcoins in the market, this token has not seen dawn post-May’s brutal crash. In fact, it has been trading at quite … Read more

Outlining the changing dynamics of the Ethereum-based NFT landscape

Non-Fungible Tokens, more popularly known by their abbreviated three-lettered version – NFT(s) – have soared in popularity over the last few months. Every tangent associated with the crypto-verse comes with its own question marks, often leaving people from outside the space to go, “Umm… What’s actually happening in there?” To be honest, that was my … Read more