Why MATIC needs Ethereum to pump, now more than ever

A host of coins followed Bitcoin’s footsteps and rallied along with it yesterday. However, when the king-coin’s price took a break and started “chilling” around $62k, most of the alts stepped back. Nevertheless, MATIC remained the only alt [apart from NU] from the top 100 that continued to reflect double-digit 24-hour appreciation numbers even at … Read more

Litecoin flips Ethereum in terms of active addresses; can it maintain this streak

Litecoin is undeniably one of the oldest coins in the crypto-space. However, with the emergence of newer coins, this “blue-chip” crypto has been losing its relevance. The coin that once used to stand right next to Bitcoin has been struggling to cling on to its 15th position of late. Nevertheless, Litecoin managed to script history … Read more

Should NFT geeks care about Bored Ape’s Ethereum-based token launch

Since the beginning of the year, NFTs have been soaring in terms of both price and popularity. People from the space have been diverting a significant amount of capital into quirky digital images that encapsulate punks, apes, rocks, and even plain text. Looking at how things have panned out, it doesn’t seem like the mania … Read more

Where Ethereum will head post this week’s options expiry is a million dollar question

It has already been 10 days since October commenced, and the daily chart of Ethereum still looks more or less  similar to that of September. The alt’s price rallied during the initial days of both months and then gave in by getting into the consolidation mode. Nonetheless, this new month has brought along with it … Read more

How Bitcoin can make or break Ethereum’s road to $4k and beyond

Just over 24 hours ago, Bitcoin broke above the $51k-mark and people from the crypto-community were quite elated. Ethereum, however, was oscillating around $3.4k at that time. During the initial few days of September, both cryptos recorded upticks of more or less the same magnitude. This isn’t the case anymore though. In fact, their differentials … Read more

What Ethereum Classic distancing itself from Ethereum means for investors

The last couple of days have been quite eventful for Ethereum. In less than a week’s time, the world’s largest alt’s price has managed to bounce from $2.8k to $3.5k. Whenever Ethereum has pumped in the past, more often than not, the whole altcoin gamut has followed suit. With most alts registering a fairly decent … Read more

Polygon’s struggles on the on-chain front could mean this for MATIC

The state of the broader crypto-market hasn’t been winsome lately. The diminishing returns offered by top coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano have triggered a drop in the global crypto-market cap too. In effect, the state of the on-chain metrics for most of these cryptos has started withering already. However, Polygon’s tale has been slightly … Read more

The revival of Ethereum’s price will depend on these ‘buying nets’

Owing to China’s latest crackdown announcement, the entire crypto-market has been on a slippery slope over the last few days. The negative price reactions on the charts were almost inevitable. However, four days down the line, the situation seems to have cooled off somewhat. In fact, most coins are now desperately trying to get back … Read more

Here’s where Ethereum stands amidst the growing L1, L2 competition

The broader crypto-market has been witnessing a relief rally of late. Despite some corrections at press time, the prices of most top coins seemed to be getting back on track on the charts. Amidst the broader market drama, the battle between L1 and L2 solutions has also been intensifying. In effect, the price tug of … Read more

What this ‘dramatic’ weekend holds for Ethereum and other alts

The crypto market had a roller coaster ride throughout the month of September so far. The initial six days saw most of the market’s top coins rally and right after that, the crash on the 7th managed to flip the bullish narrative. After consolidating for a couple of days near the local-lows, the market witnessed … Read more