Ethereum updates to know before taking profit this week

The crypto market has seen a shift in general sentiment since 9 August. This is being credited to the release of United States CPI news which will be panned out later on 10 August. There are expectations among analysts that inflation has already peaked in June with the cooling of gas prices and supply-chain issues. … Read more

What these metrics tell investors about Ethereum’s readiness for the Merge

With the Merge set for a launch in September, does Ethereum look ready for the next big step? For its part, ETH has registered an uptrend in price action over the month of July. However, the utility of Ethereum rests on many sectors of Web 3.0. While being the flagship altcoin, Ethereum heads other cryptocurrencies … Read more

Ethereum: This metric underlines change in investors’ sentiment

People have been feeling the heat of falling prices throughout 2022. Even after the recent rebound, exchange balances have been rising while the top non-exchange balance continues to decrease. Stacking up It is no secret that crypto prices have dropped ridiculously over the first half of 2022. Like other cryptocurrencies, ETH is seeing a rise … Read more

Ethereum becomes more lucrative with focus on ‘patience is king’

Ethereum has headed the overall recovery of the market in recent times. ETH prices quickly shot upwards of $1,700 to register one-month highs following an important update regarding the Merge. With its value growing in such a short span, trader profitability ramped up on the network. According to data from IntoTheBlock, ETH profitability has reached … Read more

Ethereum [ETH]: All you should know about the full impact of its Merge reveal

Ethereum appears to be on the right trajectory after a month of redemption. ETH started the month priced a little above $1,050, but is about to end it at around $1,700. On the back of a wider market upturn and the Merge’s announcement, Ethereum has surged on the charts. In fact, the Merge announcement, due … Read more

ETH up by 11% as Ethereum community remains optimistic about the Merge 

Ethereum [ETH] developers concluded their latest fortnightly call two days ago. All eyes are on the Merge transition scheduled for September. But before that there are still some things to be crossed off the list. The call put forth pressing concerns for the developers and scheduled updates for the ecosystem. Market optimists are counting on … Read more

This is how the crypto market, especially BTC and ETH, reacted amid latest Fed hike

The Federal Reserve increased the interest rate by a further 0.75% and the crypto markets responded bizarrely. The U.S. interest rates are back to pre-pandemic levels as the battle against inflation rages on. The crypto market has thus rallied in response to the rate hike as trader sentiment shocks market skeptics. Only surprises here Griffin … Read more

ETH traders can consider these metrics to price in FED’s decision

The king of altcoins has been struggling to gain its momentum and get back to its feet. In fact, the Ethereum [ETH] community is beginning to react to the Fed meeting and gross domestic product (GDP) release. Recent on-chain data suggests that tensions are running high as the crypto relief rally lost momentum. Traders can … Read more

Ethereum: These metrics can give aggressive traders some clarity

Ethereum [ETH] has witnessed quite a difficult journey in July. The alt’s price hit as low as $1,040 and then scorched up to $1,640 within a period of three weeks. Such a price change of over 58% is a rare anomaly in major chains, such as Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum. But the latest ugly start … Read more

Ethereum’s [ETH] Merge talk investors shouldn’t miss out on

The news of the Ethereum Merge pumped up optimism on the network. However, ETH, at press time, was consolidating above $1600 as the Merge craze started easing coming into the weekend. In the current relief rally, ETH has outperformed the king coin by achieving a 19.07% increase in the last seven days. Now, the question … Read more