Important buy-the-dip levels for Ethereum price you should know

Disclaimer: The findings of the following analysis are the sole opinions of the writer and should not be considered investment advice. Ethereum price has been hovering inside a trading range since the sell-off in January. The recent downswing caused around the FOMC meeting on 4 and 5 May seems to have triggered a massive sell-off … Read more

Three reasons why Ethereum [ETH] is likely to reach $3,800 soon

Ethereum price shows an interesting development over the course of last week. Despite crashing down, ETH seems to be in a position to show positive returns this week that could push it higher to significant levels. Ethereum price recovery in progress Ethereum price crashed 23% over the last month and set a swing low around … Read more

Why Ethereum [ETH] may be preparing to revisit $4,000 level

Ethereum price is hovering inside a compact trading range for the third month. The recent developments suggest that a move outside the upper limit could soon arrive and push ETH to significant barriers. Ethereum price finds a stable base Ethereum price is still trading in its range that extends from $2,158 to $3,282. The said … Read more

Can Ethereum bulls defend the last support and mount a rally to $3,500

Ethereum price has shattered one-half of a significant support confluence, suggesting that the bears are taking control. However, the said foothold still holds true and hence, the chances of reversal are not extinguished completely. Ethereum price to restart its upswing Ethereum’s price is set a range extending from $2,158 to $3,282 after rallying 52% between … Read more

Why Ethereum may touch sub-$3000 levels amid delay in the ‘Merge’ upgrade

Ethereum price is in a tough spot after the recent bounce from a support level. Although the uptick is bullish, there might be a revisit or perhaps a sweep of the said barrier before a full-blown uptrend begins. Ethereum needs to survive the test of faith Ethereum price action between 24 January and 27 March … Read more

Why Ethereum’s [ETH] next stop downward is $2,900

Ethereum price showed a bullish future since mid-March. As it moved into the first week of April, ETH started to slow down its momentum, leading to a reversal. Due to the reversal, the smart contract token has set up a classic bearish setup that indicates a further downside. Ethereum price reverses its trend Ethereum price … Read more

Why Ethereum’s price is perfectly positioned for a quick run-up to $4000

Ethereum price shows a bullish future after its breakout from the symmetrical triangle. Although optimistic, ETH needs to overcome a few hurdles before reaching to significant levels. Ethereum price Ethereum price action between 24 January and 27 March has led to the formation of a symmetrical triangle pattern. This technical setup consists of three lower … Read more

Ethereum’s ‘Merge’ and Options and whatever else is fueling its rally

Ethereum, the crypto-market’s undisputed altcoin king, is active again. Over the last two weeks, it appreciated by over 36%. However, it seems like this was just the beginning. With the ‘Merge’ on the way – between Ethereum‘s mainnet and the beacon chain proof-of-stake system – traders are getting excited. Optimism on the charts 2022 began … Read more

Ethereum, Solana, VeChain Price Analysis: 22 September

The entire cryptocurrency market has been facing severe bearishness over the past few weeks. The king of altcoins, Ethereum broke down below crucial support levels and would incur selling pressures from all around. That effect would automatically trickle down to the other smaller altcoins in the market like VeChain. However, thanks to its recent rally, … Read more