Ethereum [ETH] becomes traders’ current favorite because of this reason

Ethereum traders issue large call options on ETH despite expected uncertainty as the Shanghai Upgrade inches closer. Whales begin to show interest, however, velocity and network growth start to decline. As the Shanghai Upgrade inches closer, expectations regarding ETH’s volatility have been on the rise. However, it has recently been reported that traders have started … Read more

Will Ethereum [ETH] follow Bitcoin’s [BTC] lead as the market rallies?

Analyst suggested that Ethereum could soon follow Bitcoin’s rally. NFT trades and lowering gas fees may impact network activity in the long run. Bitcoin [BTC] has been seeing quite a rally over the last few days, inspiring a lot of positive speculation around the king coin. However, it appears that Ethereum [ETH] will also soon be … Read more

What can Ethereum’s [ETH] declining gas fees mean for the protocol? Analyzing…

Ethereum’s gas fees reached a one-month low, inspiring renewed interest. NFT activity and validator numbers surge, but whales’ ETH concentration remained a concern. The Ethereum [ETH] network, despite its popularity, has been known to drive away users due to the high gas fees required to make transactions on the network. Is your portfolio green? Check … Read more

Ethereum: Shapella upgrade forked with Goerli testnet, this is what went down

Ethereum upgrade launched on the Goerli testnet. Issues emerge; however, validator interest remained consistent. The much-awaited Shanghai upgrade was executed on Ethereum’s [ETH] Goerli testnet on 15 March. The Goerli network is a decentralized network designed to be a testing and development environment for Ethereum-based decentralized applications. Goerli forked! — timbeiko.eth (@TimBeiko) March 14, 2023 Read … Read more

USDC, SVB saga fuels massive profits for Ethereum [ETH] as Shanghai looms

Ethereum’s profits rise as trading activity increases due to USDC and SVB saga Short sellers face the heat as their positions get liquidated The aftermath of the collapse of SVB and Signature bank has been felt by the stablecoin market and various holders alike. However, Ethereum [ETH] managed to benefit from the chaos that ensued … Read more

What Ethereum’s latest deployment means for ETH and its roadmap

Ethereum’s new protocol is aimed at further Account Abstraction While new addresses have joined the network, the TVL has risen too A major part of Ethereum‘s future roadmap is Account Abstraction(AA). AA focuses on the UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) elements of Ethereum’s ecosystem. The aim of AA is to allow more user-friendly interactions between wallet … Read more

Are Ethereum’s staker holdings undervalued? New data suggests…

According to Santiment, holdings of Ethereum‘s long-term stakers have fallen by 31% over the last 10 weeks. In fact, the data suggests that most of the assets of these stakers are currently undervalued. Read Ethereum’s Price Prediction 2023-2024 This can be underlined by the declining realized value of ETH 2.o stakers. Despite having low returns, … Read more

Decoding Ethereum’s current state ahead of Shanghai upgrade

Many ETH traders exited their positions out of the volatility fear. Interestingly, the number of transactions on the network declined. Ethereum, in the last month, enjoyed a rally as its prices surged due to increasing demand. However, traders did not exhibit the same enthusiasm toward ETH at the beginning of March. Realistic or not, here’s … Read more