Coinbase Warns ETH Unstaking Could Take Months

Coinbase will allow customers of its ETH staking program to unstake their assets 24 hours after ETH developers activate the Shapella fork on the Ethereum mainnet. The exchange said that the protocol would control the waiting time for the payouts of ETH rewards, making the ETA of funds unpredictable. Withdrawal requests could take months to … Read more

Ethereum Developers Push Shanghai Mainnet Upgrade to April

Ethereum developers will deploy the Shapella hard fork on the Goerli testnet at 10 p.m. UTC on March 14, 2023, delaying mainnet withdrawals by three to four weeks. The Goerli launch will be the first deployment on a public testnet that will enable testing of full and partial staked ETH withdrawals. Ethereum Goerli Software Expected … Read more

Lido V2 Upgrade Will Allow Greater Flexibility in Validator Models

Liquid staking protocol Lido introduces V2 of its protocol to expand Ethereum Node Operator configurations and test withdrawals of ETH. The protocol will introduce a Staking Router smart contract to modularize node operator registries containing validators’ private keys to achieve this. Staking Router Smart Contract Modularizes According to a blog post, separate registries will enable … Read more

Ethereum Core Devs to Roll out Shanghai and Capella Forks at Epoch 1350

Ethereum’s core development team announced that the Shanghai and Capella forks would be launched on the Zheijang testnet on Feb. 7, 2023. According to lead developer Time Beiko, the new forks, collectively called Shapella, will launch on Tuesday at epoch 1350, with Sepolia and Goerli testnets soon to follow. Lead Ethereum Developer Expects Sepolia Testnet … Read more

Ethereum Core Devs Set March 2023 to Ship Shanghai Upgrade

In the final All Core Developers meeting for the year on Dec. 8, 2022, Ethereum developers agreed to roll out the anticipated Shanghai upgrade in March 2023. The Shanghai upgrade, formally known as Ethereum Improvement Proposal 4895, would allow validators to withdraw their staked ETH from the Beacon Chain consensus layer after the successful completion … Read more

T-Systems MMS to Introduce Ethereum Validator Nodes and Staking

T-Mobile’s sister company, T-Systems MMS, partners with the StakeWise staking pool to expand its footprint in the Ethereum ecosystem. The partnership will combine staked ETH into validator nodes to allow participants with less than 32 ETH to reap staking rewards. “Staked Ether tokens remain available to the owner in this construct – liquid – and … Read more

AAVE Stops Loaning ETH Ahead of Merge

AAVE suspends ETH borrowing as the risk of high utilization leading up to the Merge could affect ETH liquidity. The DeFi protocol’s community voted between Aug. 30, 2022, and Sep. 2, 2022, to pause ETH lending to protect the protocol from risks associated with excessive borrowing. According to research firm Block Analitica, suspending loans will … Read more

EthereumPOW Developers Reportedly Disable Difficulty Bomb as Merge Date Draws Closer

Developers of the purported EthereumPOW hard fork claim they’ve dispensed with the so-called difficulty bomb. This claim comes hot on the heels of Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin announcing a date for the upcoming Ethereum merge that may otherwise leave proof-of-work miners out in the cold. Ethereum’s upcoming merge will change the blockchain’s transaction verification mechanism, … Read more

Chainlink Plans to Only Support PoS After Ethereum Merge

Chainlink has announced that it will not support any proof-of-work Ethereum forks after Ethereum’s merge to proof-of-stake. In a memo to the community, the smart contract oracle provider said it wants to align with the Ethereum community’s social consensus to change Ethereum’s consensus mechanism to proof-of-stake. To ensure minimal disruption, Chainlink is conducting a thorough … Read more

Ethereum Merge May Help Attract Institutional Adoption

The upcoming Ethereum merge to change the consensus layer from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake is likely to be a critical factor in accelerating Ethereum’s ascent to institutional-grade investment, a report by Bloomberg Intelligence suggests. Furthermore, the report suggests that Ethereum’s growth will depend on its pedigree as a social and economic tool. There are promising signs … Read more