Ethereum initiates recovery, but sellers still await profit booking

Despite maintaining a dominant stance in a smart contract and supporting the decentralized application, Ethereum has gained several competitors eyeing for better market position. The latest market value of $154 billion remains a mountain to be breached by low-value projects.  Crypto projects are facing drastic challenges after the LUNA and FTX fiasco. Hence, trust in … Read more

Ethereum Foundation evaluates withdrawal of ETH staked

The JavaScript team of the Ethereum Foundation has officially declared that, at the present moment, they are gradually and effectively moving in the direction of making it possible and feasible to make Beacon Chain withdrawals, in the case of staked ETH. In order to capably complete the required process, they will be involving themselves in … Read more

Ethereum price plunges 23%: Can ETH revive this fall?

Ethereum price plunges 23%: Can ETH revive this fall? Even after the Merge upgrade, investors were optimistic for an uptrend, but the external factors such as US Fed regular rate hikes, supply chain issues, inflation, and now FTX ‘liquidity crunch’ has reduced the market cap of Ethereum, at least for the short term. Indeed, ETH … Read more

Ethereum (ETH) Price Strongly Needs to Cross $1.5K for Bull Run!

Due to market uncertainty, most top-level cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have seen an outflow. Most retail investors expected a bull rally after the Merge update, but they are dissatisfied with the continuation of the downtrend. However, this update makes the network more sustainable in the long term. It also helps to add new upgrades … Read more

ETH Borrow Rate Spikes to 190% Ahead of the Anticipated Merge

As crypto enthusiasts await the Ethereum proof-of-stake Merge, the crypto is creating immense ripples in the market. Aave, a lending protocol with 6.5 billion dollars in TVL, emptied its Ethereum reserves to borrowers. The protocol witnessed a whopping 190% jump in ETH borrow rates as investors swarmed the platform to borrow ETH. The investors are … Read more

Ethereum Moves Closer to 100 EMA; ETH’s Positive Momentum Awaits!

Ethereum’s successive plans to dominate the cryptocurrency world are on track with its progressive idea behind the rumored merger. While ETH is performing strongly on fundamental grounds, the impact isn’t seen by holders of this token, who consider it a token of merely a storage value. As of now, there are no blockchains to threaten … Read more

Time to Go All Guns Blazing for Faster ETH 2.0 After the Mega ‘Merge’

The Merge upgrade is joining the execution layer (mainnet) with the proof of stake consensus layer (Beacon Chain), which eliminates energy-intensive mining for sustainable crypto infrastructure growth. Now the ETH holders can stake their holding to become validators instead of miners. Investors are optimistic about ETH’s growth because Ethereum 2.0 network will be more scalable, … Read more

Ethereum (ETH) Holds on to the $1.7K and 100 EMA Level Strongly!

Ethereum, the number 2 blockchain, is headed to create a new peak value since the minor profit booking witnessed on July 28, 2022. Price action continues to witness some resistance at the $1780 levels, but buying sentiment has broken all records as RSI enters over-bought zones. The Ethereum price action seems to have found a … Read more

Ethereum On a Great Move; Is It a Great Buying Opportunity in ETH?

Ethereum is the largest cryptocurrency still working towards addressing the market trends of low energy consumption and high transaction enabling blockchain. Shifting towards Proof of Stake could make ETH a truly revolutionary blockchain putting it out of reach from the likes. Experts project Ethereum to rival the market sentiment of Bitcoin in the coming days. … Read more

Will Ethereum Continue to Overpower Its Competitors in the Future?

Ethereum is one of the popular cryptocurrencies which allows the transaction of digital crypto assets, creation and development of smart contracts, decentralized finance apps, DApps, non-fungible tokens, and many others. Now analysts ask one question, Ethereum is facing an issue with scalability and slow transactions, so in the future, could any of the Ethereum killers … Read more