Origin Governance Proposals Guide

We recently introduced the OGN Governance Portal where OGN holders can weigh in on the future direction of Origin and its products and protocols. We have seen a lot of great proposals submitted and a lot of active discussion on our #governance channel on our Discord server. In this post we wanted to provide some … Read more

September 2021 Origin Token (OGN) Holder Update

September was another exciting month for Origin. Continued progress was made on Origin Dollar’s integration into Curve.fi and we broke NFT records yet again as the result of an exciting collaboration between ourselves, Polygon, and Inspiration4 for SpaceX’s recent Falcon 9 launch. We also announced a crossover partnership with C.R.E.A.M Finance that integrates DeFi with … Read more

Origin Tokens (OGN) Are Now On CoinList

We are excited to announce that CoinList has listed OGN on their exchange with USD and USDT trading pairs. We worked with CoinList during our fundraising efforts and a large number of our original token holders joined the Origin community via the CoinList platform in 2018. CoinList has hosted some of the most prominent token … Read more

August 2021 Origin Token (OGN) Holder Update

August was a very busy month for Origin. We announced our transition to decentralized governance with the launch of an OGN governance portal and opened up our weekly DeFi meetings to public participation. OUSD reached new milestones and our OUSD liquidity pool was added to the Curve Finance UI, placing Origin Dollar on the most … Read more

July 2021 Origin Token (OGN) Holder Update

It has been a busy month at Origin. We announced a major upgrade to our NFT platform with NFT Marketplaces by Origin and launched several drops by notable creators. Our token, OGN, was also listed on one of the biggest and most established crypto exchanges in the world. Our team has been doing a lot … Read more

June 2021 Origin Token (OGN) Holder Update

Product We were thrilled to learn that we were one of the few crypto assets listed on Revolut. Revolut is a financial super app which boasts tens of millions of customers across dozens of countries, who collectively make more than 100 million transactions each month. Revolut is a do-it-all personal finance app that has a … Read more

May 2021 Origin Token (OGN) Holder Update

Coleman Maher May 29 · 5 min read Every month, the Origin team publishes a monthly update to our token holders and broader community. Welcome to the May 2021 edition. We are eager to hear feedback and suggestions from our community. Please email [email protected] for support requests and [email protected] for general inquiries/comments. Please email [email protected]Read more

KuCoin to List OUSD & OGN

Coleman Maher May 13 · 3 min read We are thrilled to announce that a major cryptocurrency exchange, KuCoin, is listing OUSD and OGN. This is a landmark listing for Origin Dollar (OUSD). Increasing ease of access to OUSD is an extremely important part of our product roadmap and core to our DeFi thesis. We … Read more