Bitcoin, Ethereum face largest correction since 19 May; is it time to buy the dip

Bitcoin and Ethereum have dropped the ball. The market has been witnessing a decline matched by the correction intensity from 19 May, 2021. Needless to say, that the long-term bullish structure is currently fractured. In recent articles, we highlighted the possible bullish scenarios for Bitcoin but none of them panned out like expected. In this … Read more

Should Ethereum investors really prepare for a ‘$6000’ December

Ethereum hasn’t had a great time in November. Dropping by more than 9% at one point, the asset continued to decline over the course of the month. However, the overall view might not be as bad as it seems on the surface. In fact, Ethereum has registered a 0.5% ROI for the month, which means … Read more

Where Bitcoin, Ethereum are headed post 26 November and why

Short-term investors should look away at the moment. Or look closely, depending on one’s appetite for fear. Bitcoin, and Ethereum registered their largest 1-hour correction candles over the past few hours. BTC dropped by 3.38% in the chart, and Ethereum witnessed a 5.58% slip. However, the worst might not be over for both the top … Read more

‘Ethereum Killers’ – Are they still worth talking about

Bitcoin and Ethereum are never compared when functionality is taken into consideration. The sole difference comes down to Ethereum’s smart contracts feature. However, every other project which has smart contracts, one time or the other, has been deemed an Ethereum killer. The trend began back in 2018 during the ICO boom when EOS was considered … Read more

Ethereum: Can 2017’s mirror effect push ETH to $15K by December

With a market cap of $550 billion at press time, Ethereum’s progression in 2021 has been impressive. Its year-to-date growth was 523%, at press time – A growth of 5x on the charts. Now, that doesn’t seem significant when compared to some of these other assets in 2021. However, Ethereum comes with a sense of … Read more

Ethereum: One major misconception that will not dictate its short-term trend

Ethereum is the king of altcoins and there is no doubt about that. Over the past week, certain on-chain metrics have moved in its favor and over the long-term, its price credentials promise higher returns. However, it is currently surrounded by an air of invincibility, one which suggests that ETH might avoid any short-term corrections … Read more

The lowdown on how Ethereum’s demand-supply dynamic will evolve

Thousands of digital assets have been launched over the years, and thousands will bite the dust in the coming decade. Irrespective of that, Bitcoin and Ethereum are here to stay and develop, but a majority of the evolving is currently being manifested by the latter asset. Since the London hard fork, Ether’s tokenomics changed for … Read more

Should Ethereum’s flexibility be valued more than its market cap

Ethereum is huge. Now, in terms of market cap, it might be just half of Bitcoin’s value. However, here is a visual representation of some of the important projects based on the chain. Source: Reddit At first glance, protocols such as Uniswap, USDC coin, Metamask, Chainlink, and many more can be seen. And yet, over … Read more

Unraveling the future of Bitcoin, Ethereum mining revenues in 2021

While Bitcoin and Ethereum might be facing a short-term correction at the moment, the overall market cap of the two coins came a long way in 2021. In fact, the miners have traveled a long way as well. Over the past 12-months of a bullish market, Bitcoin and Etheruem miners have incurred the most transaction … Read more

Ethereum is a ‘brand’ now, but can its DeFi ecosystem remain unmatched

The DeFi ecosystem has become a legitimate part of the crypto-ecosystem over the past year. It started as a yield farming experiment by Yearn Finance on Ethereum. However, very soon, multiple exchanges, lending, and payment protocols came into being from the decentralized finance segment. The explosive nature of DeFi on Ethereum led to rising tx … Read more