Ethereum’s lowering gas fee could be a dangerous indicator for its price; here’s why

Throughout the previous year, Ethereum‘s rising gas fee was among the biggest concerns of the cryptocurrency industry. Well, especially due to Ethereum’s major role in DeFi and NFTs. The rising gas fees had inadvertently led to more congestion. Hence, higher transaction time and costs. Ethereum’s development team has been breaking necks over fixing these issues. … Read more

Scalability issues no more? First EVM compatible ZK Rollup live on ETH’s public testnet

Ethereum‘s scalability issues have created a whirlwind of problems for the cryptocurrency industry, however, it has also fostered a ground for innovative ideas to overcome the same. Many layer 2 solutions have emerged in the recent past in order to combat the congestion on Ethereum, including zero-knowledge rollups. An enhancement for this has now been … Read more

Ethereum: Mystery solved? The DAO’s $11B hack has a new suspect

While there has been no dearth of hacks and exploits within the cryptocurrency space, one of the most infamous ones transpired in 2016. At the time, around 3.64 million Ether were siphoned off The DAO protocol. The hack remains unsolved to this day. However, crypto-journalist Laura Shin is now claiming to have uncovered new evidence … Read more

Ethereum: Are Coinbase, Kraken party to centralization

Ethereum‘s main chain is expected to merge with its Beacon Chain later this year, effectively turning it into a Proof of Stake protocol. In anticipation of this, users have increasingly been staking their ETH, with the staking deposit contract amassing over 9.41 million Ether worth over $24.83 billion at press time. While anticipation for the … Read more

Is Ethereum ‘still in a good phase’ if not everything goes as planned

Ever since the Ethereum network had launched its Beacon Chain for staking in December 2020, enthusiasts have waited for the day that the chain will finally be merged with Ethereum’s mainnet, giving way for the Proof of Stake consensus to be the only mechanism through which new ETH is created. While unfortunately, a specific date … Read more

Ether Capital Corp. bets big on the Merge by staking ETH worth $31.7 million

As the day draws nearer for Ethereum‘s main chain to be merged with its staking ‘Beacon’ chain, entities are gradually increasing funding allocation to the same in a bid to eventually be in control of Ethereum’s validation mechanism. In a move towards the same, Canada-based investment company Ether Capital Corporation has allocated a further 10,240 … Read more

Tenth time’s the charm for Ethereum after this dry spell comes to an end

ETH, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, finally started to move north earlier today. In fact, it broke past the strong resistance it was facing at $3000 by gaining by over 6% in 24 hours. While it was hovering near the resistance at press time, bullish momentum for the coin might have already set in. Especially in … Read more

Analysts predict this for Ethereum as demand drops significantly

Macro factors have been pressing hard on cryptocurrency assets’ ability to perform. Thus, leading to a cascading effect on their prices. For instance, the second-largest cryptocurrency Ether fell almost 5% over the past week and slid down the $3,000 mark. The asset has lost almost 40% of its value since reaching an all-time high in … Read more

‘Bitcoin has both, Ethereum doesn’t have the other’ and that’s why…

Bitcoin‘s price appreciation went for a toss earlier today when the top cryptocurrency hit a weekly low of $41,700. While most of this volatility can be attributed to new inflation-related comments by the Federal Reserve, some are fearing that resistance may be stronger this time around. However, top investment management firm Fidelity has continued to … Read more

These factors are causing a rise in BTC, ETH’s correlation with the stock market

Going mainstream is not always the best outcome for assets, and cryptocurrencies have lent proof to the same. While a rise in adoption had definitely brought legitimacy and capital to the market, it has also made it susceptible to macroeconomic changes. Crypto is stocking up This has been highlighted in the rising correlation between cryptocurrency … Read more