Why BTC outflows persist despite renewed hopes for crypto comeback

BTC’s outflows continue to grow despite renewed hope in the crypto ecosystem. As Shanghai Upgrade draws nearer, investors shy away from Ether products. According to a new report by CoinShares digital asset investment products recorded six consecutive weeks of outflows totaling $95 million. Over the last five weeks, there has been $406 million in outflows … Read more

A new ‘high’ for Bitcoin and the crypto-market, but here’s why that will change…

Digital asset investment product saw the largest single weekly outflows on record last week. BTC’s outflows represented 95% of the total monies that left the market According to a new report by digital asset investment firm CoinShares, product outflows registered the largest single weekly outflows on record last week. It found that record-breaking outflows of … Read more

Bitcoin [BTC]: Short products for the win as investors shy away from long positions

Investors are funnelling funds into Short-BTC products after fourth consecutive week of outflows With the Shanghai Upgrade coming soon, investors will be cautious with ETH In a new report, digital asset investment firm CoinShares found that ongoing apprehension among investors regarding the uncertain regulatory landscape of crypto-assets led to a fourth consecutive week of outflows … Read more

NFT market erupts with $2 billion trading volume in February: Report

The NFT market saw increased sales volume in February. OpenSea Polygon recorded an all-time high in monthly sales volume. The Non-Fungible Token [NFT] market continued to show vigorous growth and attracted a wider range of collectors. The ecosystem saw a substantial increase in trading volume in February, a new report from DappRadar revealed. According to … Read more

EthereumPOW hit by triple whammy: plummeting mining activity and…

Mining activity on EthereumPoW is at an all-time low. DeFi activity on the chain is also almost non-existent. The hashrate of EthereumPoW’s [ETHW] network has hit an all-time low due to a continuous decrease in mining activity, data from 2Miners.com revealed. As of this writing, the network’s hashrate stood at 14.82 TH/s, having fallen by … Read more

Ethereum: While “sell orders” dominate market, positive sentiment lingers

Most ETH traders have taken to distributing their holdings. The positive conviction still lingers as many anticipate the Shanghai Upgrade. On-chain assessment of the Net Taker Volume metric has revealed that following the recent rally in the price of Ethereum [ETH], traders have been exiting the market in large numbers, with the highest volume of … Read more

Ethereum: Deflationary? Yes, but there is more than meets the eye

In January, ETH’s supply decreased by 10,145.72 units. February might be marked by a price decline.  According to data from Ultrasound Money, in January, Ethereum’s [ETH] supply decreased by 10,145.72 units, resulting in a net deflationary value of approximately $16 million. As of this writing, the current total supply of ETH stood at 120,515,752, with … Read more

Lido Finance: Decline in TVL, re-emergence of bears, and everything in between

Due to the fall in prices of some native coins, Lido’s TVL declined in the last week. The buying pressure for LDO has declined significantly, and a price drawback might be on the horizon. Lido Finance [LDO], a prominent liquid staking protocol, experienced a drop in its Total Value Locked (TVL) in the past week … Read more

Interest in ENS domain names remains low; the reason is quite surprising

Interest in ENS domain names remains at a minimum.  The rally in ENS’ price since the year began has put many of its holders in profit. According to data from Dune Analytics, the interest in .eth domain registrations has remained low, with only 53,359 Ethereum Name Service (ENS) registrations recorded thus far in the current … Read more

OpenSea sees a spike in Ethereum-based NFT sales, thanks to these factors

Ethereum-based NFTs on OpenSea saw its highest monthly sales volume since August 2022. OpenSea saw increased activity in the last 30 days. With Blue Chip non-fungible tokens (NFTs) collections at the forefront, the year has so far seen a resurgence of interest in profile-picture (PFP) NFTs.  Ethereum-based NFT sales have soared to a four-month high … Read more