What does this development indicate for Ethereum, going forward

Ethereum has been following Bitcoin’s lead along with the entire crypto market as it rallied this month. Trading at $3914.85, the altcoin is in a good spot and the same can be observed from investors’ perspective as well. But this development could put a halt to the good mood prevailing in the market.  Ethereum on … Read more

What Tezos needs to do to get more than just interest

Since Ethereum introduced the real-world advantages of the DeFi space, obviously, every developer would want to build their protocol on it. Alas, in a surprising turn of events, most developers are preferring some other chain for the same purpose. Ergo, is there a chance that Ethereum could be knocked off its spot? And, can these … Read more

The impact of Ethereum L2 solution, Optimism’s upgrade, on Arbitrum

Ethereum has a bunch of different protocols and L2 solutions operating for different purposes. So there is always some sort of competition going on within the network. This one-on-one competition was shattered with the arrival of Arbitrum as it skyrocketed within a few days. But now it looks like its old competition Optimism is back … Read more

What you need to know before investing in Ethereum

Ethereum has been struggling to make a mark this month. For the most part this month, the price movement has been pretty flat and the altcoin king is struggling to break past $3600. This has caused some investors to repeat their bearish behavior which may not be the best thing to do during a growth-expecting … Read more

Assessing the impact of Ethereum’s price trajectory

Ethereum is considered the “leader of altcoins.” But are other altcoins following its lead right now? That does not seem to be the case at the moment. While some altcoins are rising, some others are falling, but the second generation altcoin hasn’t moved much. And this lack of movement is now beginning to affect more … Read more

Here’s what you’re missing about Ethereum leading on this front

Ethereum as the second-largest cryptocurrency has continued to surprise investors and observers alike. Looking at the asset’s price performance this month it may not look so, but there is a market other than the spot market where Ethereum killed it last month. If this works out, Ethereum might find a new section of audience. Price … Read more

Ethereum may have come to DeFi’s rescue, but here’s the whole story

The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space, which is dominated by Ethereum, had a rather rough month as the market fluctuated immensely. For a while, there was some bearish sentiment observable across the board. However, that is now changing for good as it seems like losses have been repaired owing to these 2 reasons. Ethereum to the … Read more

Stay away from Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin ONLY for this purpose

When you think of cryptocurrencies, you imagine extremely long or extremely short candlesticks with prices moving up and down, unhinged. But, have you ever wondered if that very cryptocurrency could one day be how you’d receive your paycheck? How do you feel about it? Do you prefer it? And if not, why? While all of … Read more

Can Ethereum actually fall to $2700 just because investors want it to

Ethereum has seen bouts of hikes and falls this month with single-day increases touching almost 11.3% and single-day falls sitting at 10.5%. In such an unanticipated market, why are people turning bearish for Ethereum is the question. And, even if they are, what are the chances of Ethereum actually falling further? Investors want Ethereum to … Read more

Does Fantom’s entry in the NFT space give it one up on Ethereum

After Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Solana have been gaining strength in the NFT space recently. They are now being joined by Fantom. Even though Fantom has been around for a while now, this has been one of the biggest steps for the chain, in terms of development. So now, looking at the NFT space … Read more